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grwm for a party + what i bring

cue the party girl stereotypes… hah but in all seriousness this summer i’ve been getting some invites to parties and i’m loving it so i was thinking i would do a get ready with me for one! i’m also going to show what i bring and i definetely bring only the essentails cause if you lose something good luck getting that back!

makeup and hair

to be honest most of the time i simply can’t be bothered to spend forever getting ready for anything so even for a party i still don’t try too hard. for makeup i just do my normal makeup. i apply a little concealer on any spots and my underyeye bags, then i fill in my eyebrows and apply a lot of mascara cause i’ve been loving that lately. then if i’m feeling it sometimes i’ll add a little bit of eyeshadow, probably from a morphe pallete. lastly depending on where it is i’ll apply a little to a lot of highlighter on my cheekbones, innercorners, nose, cupids bow and brow bone. as for hair i’ve been pretty much just wearing my natural waves/curls all summer so i’ll probably jut do that. but if i’m not feeling it maybe i’ll straighten or curl it and then just leave it done almost always.

outfit and essentials

as for my outfit, a simple go to for me s a tube top, jean shorts and a belt. this is super easy and in summer everything everywhere is so hot! then i just wear my normal bracelets an necklace that i don’t think i’ve taken off all summer long honestly. then for my essentials, of course i have to have my phone always and my id/driving permit is in my case so that’s super convenient. then i have this small michaels kors clutch/wrist purse. this ones secondhand and it really matches this fit. in it i have obviously money and then my keys so i can let myself in if my family is gone or asleep. i also have a lipbalm and my card in my wallet always.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!

xoxo carly

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