getting out of a funk

getting out of a funk

hi welcome back! last month i was in a bit of a funk, but i‘ve been getting out of it and i thought i’d put together a little post on some tips to help burnout and get out of a little funk.

make sure you’re getting enough sleep. a huge cause of burnout is not having enough energy and so make sure first that you’re getting enough sleep each night. coffee is great but it can’t truly replace a really good nights rest.

make fun plans. this is one of the most effective ways personally to get myself out of a funk. making fun plans for the next week-ish gives you something to be excited for and look forward too! i don’t know how to explain it but it really helps me get motivated again when i have something excited coming up.

change your routine. oftentimes for me being in a funk or feeling burnt out has to do with doing the same things each day and not enjoying them enough so making some small changes to my routine can really help. it could be super simple like getting coffee and going to the beach each weekend or maybe going for a walk each afternoon, anything that’s different and good for you can definitely help with feeling better.

journal about it. get a page in your journal and write these prompts: what is draining my energy and what can i do about it, what do i want more/less of in my life, what are some new habits or things i want to try. these can sometimes help me identify little contributing factors to the funk along with kinda giving me a plan/ideas to help get out of it. i did this and identified, for example, that tiktok was draining my energy when i was using it so i deleted tiktok.

if you have the space for it, pick up a new hobby or project. this tip doesn’t apply if you’re burnt out from having too much on your plate already but if you’re in a funk from being bored with your routine, trying something new is a great way to help it!

no way out except through. in the end, oftentimes there’s not an easy way to instantly get out of a funk or time of burnout. these tips definitely help me but sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to get out of it. <3

i hope these little tips maybe help you out a bit the next time you’re in a funk.

xoxo carly

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