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If you remember a few weeks ago I did a ten minute makeup look but guess what? I got even lazier! Today I have a five-minute makeup look, yes it really only takes five minutes!! I timed this last week and it took exactly 4 minutes and 43 seconds. Until recently I would often either do no-makeup or a full face but I don’t know if it’s because summer is coming or what but I’ve been loving super natural makeup!! I do this look pretty much everyday unless I’m doing something special then I’ll do more like the ten minute makeup look.

If you read my may favorites post you would have seen me talk about this BB cream and that is the Pacifica BB Cream!! I’ve recently been loving Pacifica products and this BB Cream is no different. I mentioned in that post how it had minerals and those were supposed to be good for clearing skin according to my friend and I think they’re working. I’ve been using this for around two weeks and I think it’s helping clear my skin!!

Another thing I mentioned in that post was the Makeup Revolution Concealer!! This concealer has such full coverage and doesn’t look cakey at all, it also was only $6. Since I’ve been loving the natural look I definitely love this can cover any spots but still look natural enough. It also doesn’t clog breakouts like some full coverage concealers can so there’s another thing I love about this!!

Eyebrows have recently become my favorite makeup product!! I feel like filling in your eyebrows really frame your face. I’d totally just do my brows if I was really late since I do them really fast and it’s better than nothing. I’ve recently been using the Clinique Ultra Fine Brow Pencil and the color match is so perfect!! I just use small strokes to fill in my brows. I use a EOS lip-balm that I only use for my brows. I put this on a spoole and brush my eyebrows into place.

I’m not sure if this is just a me thing, but I find that without using eyeshadow  my face can look a little weird and not have enough color on it?? I’m not exactly sure but if I have time I always apply a bit of a solid shimmery nude all over my lid. I just use these singles from Maybelline but I definitely need to find a go-to nude palette. I make sure to blend this so much so it doesn’t crease. I actually don’t wear mascara that much anymore, it might seem completely crazy to you but that’s just what I do!

To finish off I just spray my face with my NYX Dewy Setting Spray which I fave about left and right!! Honestly what’s the point of doing your makeup if it doesn’t stay?? I never skip setting spray no matter how little makeup I wear cause it always comes off without it!

What are your makeup essentials?

Love, Carly Allison

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