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five daily habits that will change your life !!

in today’s post i’m going to share five daily habits that i have added or am currently working on adding into my life. these are things that i truly cannot deny have made such a big difference in my life and hopefully yours too!

1. turning off badges on your phone and deleting any non essential apps

this is something that i did a few months ago and i am not even joking when i say this changes your life in terms of cutting your screen down so much. if you have an iphone it’s just in your settings and just turn off the ‘badges’ for like every app. you can also turn any apps notifications off that aren’t important. then you will have the notifications in your notification center but not having the badges makes you not feel the need to check an app. this just teaches your brain to go on your phone less which i can’t recommend enough.

2. shopping and living a more minimalist lifestyle

minimalism is so much more than just having a clean room. to me, it includes not keeping people in your life that bring you down, not buying a bunch of stuff and not adding unnecessary stuff to your to do list. life can be really over complicated sometimes and minimalism in all aspects helps just simplify it.

3. listening to podcasts and reading books

in the past year and half i started listening to podcasts. i love ilysm by kenzie elizabeth, gals on the go, thick and thin and crime junkie. especially the first three, i find inspire me so much and i feel like i’m learning so much in every episode. i listen to them when i’m doing homework, getting ready, cleaning, walking and so much more! also i love true crime so any true crime podcast, i find so interesting and am obsessed with. in the past few months i have also started reading more and turning it a lot more into a hobby rather than something my english class forces me to do. when i was a kid i would read everyday and was obsessed with it but i haven’t been in the past years. lately though i’ve been reading at night before bed just to relax or when i’m waiting somewhere. i plan on doing a post pretty soon about books i love.

4. responding to things more maturely

this is something i’ve been working on lately and recently seen the importance of. sometimes things happen that make you want to do something revengeful or hasty and it’s just so so important to not respond this way. i’ve been catching myself responding to some things a little hasty and i just want to give a mature response to everything! this is so important because not only will it be a better response to a problem but it will eliminate stress over it too.

5. doing your skincare routine every night

doing your skin care routine is a way to put effort and time into yourself. this is a small act but i believe life changing because to me it is putting in effort and care into yourself. also don’t forget it takes maybe five minutes to do. when you put effort into yourself through simply showering or doing skincare, it improves your confidence and self image.

i hope you enjoyed this post and these tips are as effective for you as they are for me in improving your life <33

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  1. I agree with you a lot that these habits can really change the life. I learned that the good changes are sure to come if you really put some effort into them, and do it step by step, day by day.

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