easy ways to improve your style

lately i’ve been really trying to improve and change up my style! i still have a long way to go to get to my dream style but i wanted to share the tips i’ve learned so far. also these are all the cutest outfits so some outfit ideas too!

layers – to me, layers are key for making an outfit more interesting! especially in the colder months, it’s so easy just to wear leggings and a hoodie (me) everyday but changing that up a big with maybe a jacket and cute shirt instead just makes it a bit more dynamic and interesting. layers are also so cute with jewelry and more. i also love the look of wearing a long sleeve under a tee shirt or a tee under a tank! it’s so so cute 🙂

belts + jewelry – both of these may seem small but they make the biggest difference in adding to an outfit! personally i’m always wearing a few rings and bracelets, a necklace (sometimes two) and earrings. it’s gotten to the point where i feel naked without them

buying secondhand – buying stuff at thrift stores or apps literally can apply to anything fashion including improving style for two reasons. first off you can find unique pieces that other people don’t have a thrift stores. if you buy something at a thrift store, i can almost guarantee you won’t see anyone else wearing it. second, you can find stuff on places like poshmark, depop, threadup, etc. that maybe you want but couldn’t afford originally. everything is always in great condition and i’ve bought so much off depop and love it all! it’s also saved me so much money

hair clips+ hair scarfs – it may seem small but adding hair clips or a scarf will make even the most boring outfits just a bit more interesting. i really have been loving both but especially the look of a boho printed scarf with basically anything matching the colors. i got a pack of clips from brandy melville and a pack from target for super cheap and i just pin back a chunk of hair on each side and i like it! i don’t know where my hair scarf is from but i know there’s cute ones at free people.

cropping shirts – cropping shirts (especially thrifted ones) is a super simple way to spice up a basic piece and make it just a little more interesting! when doing it i recommend trying it on before to see where you what to cut and using a floor with lines to cut it.

dresses – this one may seem weird but don’t be afraid to wear dresses (and skirts). there are so many cute ones and i want to buy more cause they always feel more put together and less basic! you can obviously make them fancier but i love the look of a float dress with air forces or doc martens. i know princess polly and dolls kill have really cute ones.

beanies + headbands – beanies and headbands are two other really cute hair accessories that spice up your outfit perfectly. i love the look of a nike or lululemon headband with a chill more athletic outfit. beanies became really big lately and i’m really here for it and got a few. carhartt ones are really cute and so are neon colored ones.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. Great tips! Loving your blog 🙂

    1. aww thank you

  2. Such a good post angel!!

  3. Loved this post! I’ve been trying to upgrade my wardrobe but I’m kinda high key broke so that’s going greatt arrggggg xD
    I love jewelry, it adds so much to an outfit and layering clothes is also one of my clothing hacks. It adds a lot of depth to ur outfit and also if it’s cold it can keep u warmer, which is a BIG bonus 😉
    Enjoyed this post xx
    Jasmin @

    1. i relate to that so muchh, i love layering too xx

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