easy vegan meal ideas

easy vegan meal ideas

ever since spending way more time and home and making almost all my meals at home i’ve been trying out new meal ideas. so for today’s post i’m sharing my top 5 meals that i’ve tried so far. they’re also super simple and relatively easy to put together for breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

chia pudding yogurt fruit bowl – my first meal idea is a great breakfast or lunch idea. i start off by making my chia pudding by combining chia seeds and a bit more oat milk than chia seeds in a jar. then i put that jar in the fridge and leave it overnight. the next day i put the pudding in a bowl and add a scoop of dairy free yogurt (my favorite is kite hill unsweetened) on top. lastly i sliced up some strawberries, kiwi, bananas and added some blackberries and cinnamon. this is a super refreshing and balanced breakfast (or any other meal) option.

at-home veggie rolls – my next meal is an attempt at veggie rolls but made with things i have at home already. these are definitely hard to roll and come out very messy but they taste really good anyway. i started off by making my rice, i just used the single serve rice that you microwave for a few minutes. i also sliced up the avocado, carrot and i would’ve added cucumber if i had it. to put the rolls together i spread the rice on to pieces of seaweed, then i added the veggies to the middle of the rice. lastly i rolled up the seaweed with everything else inside and then cut the roll i had created into smaller sushi size pieces. i can’t lie and say these don’t take some time to put together and it would be a lot easier to buy veggie rolls but i enjoyed making these and they came out yummy.

chickpea pasta and arugula salad – this has been my go-to easy meal lately, especially before work. for the chickpea pasta i just cook the banza chickpea pasta and add a basic marinara sauce. i love this pasta since it has lots of protein and is a bit healthier than regular pasta but still tastes great! for the salad i used a lemon arugula salad kit from trader joes. the salad kit just had arugula, some crushed nuts and a lemon veggie dressing. i also added some sprouts to the salad.

i hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you try out these meals!

xoxo carly

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