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hii so the past few weeks i’ve been taking a bunch of outfit photos, i don’t really know why, but the the best of them created this post. i have 7 of my favorites to share with you guys, they are all super easy to recreate and are super comfy and chill but still relatively cute! also i got a new phone last week so my phone changes throughout this post but yeah. alllssooo like half these items are thrifted or second hand in general so keep that in mind in terms of fast fashion. i hope you enjoy:)

outfit #1

  • t-shirt with v; brandy melville
  • mom jeans; pacsun
  • black purse with small chain; target
  • barrettes; brandy melville
  • tall nike socks
  • shoes; nike air force 1s

outfit #2

  • v-neck fuzzy sweater; target
  • leggings; lululemon (aligns?)
  • shoes; af1s
  • barettes; brandy melville

outfit #3

  • striped button shirt; f21
  • mom jeans; pacsun
  • shoes; af1

outfit #4

  • flowery top; pacsun
  • black jeans; pacsun
  • bralette; hollister
  • shoes; vans

outfit #5

  • sweatshirt; champion
  • black ripped jeans; pacsun
  • black purse with a chain; target
  • beanie; the cubs lol
  • shoes; white af1s

outfit #6

  • v-neck tee; brandy melville
  • mom jeans; pacsun
  • black zip up; nike
  • shoes; birks

also my phone case for the iphone 6 was a glitter otterbox with stickers inside and the case for the iphone 11 is just a plain clear one from target:)

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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