daily wellness routines

daily wellness routines

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i put together a list of little things i (try to) do each day to help with mental and physical wellness. these are all things i do and love so just take what resonates with you 🙂


i wish i could honestly say that i meditate everyday but i do it a few times a week! for me, meditation helps me stay grounded and get out of my thoughts which is so helpful if you have anxiety. i use the insight timer app on my phone.


almost everyday i make sure to get in some form of movement. any workout or form of movement you enjoy doing is such a great mood booster! here are some my favorites…

– walking or running

– tasha franken pilates vids (there’s a few free ones on youtube)

– walking on the treadmill at a high incline / 12-3-30

– melissa wood health workouts (pilates style and also has some free ones on youtube)

drinking 2+ liters of water

last summer i bought two liter water bottles for a backpacking trip and ever since i’ve been drinking both of them each day. i find that it helps so much with energy and skin, i can always tell when i haven’t had enough water. according to mayo clinic and webmd, women are supposed to drink a bit over 2 liters per day. if you’re struggling to get your water in, i recommend getting a liter water bottle and making sure to fill it up halfway through the day each day!

taking time with things / being in the moment

this is a mindfulness exercise type thing that i try and practice throughout my day. basically just remembering throughout the day to stay in the moment. if you’ve been to therapy, you might’ve heard about finding a couple things you can see, feel and something you can smell, this takes less than a minute, you can do it anywhere and is really grounding. but whatever works for you to stay in the moment!

good + nutritious foods

this is another really simple one but doing the best you can to eat good foods! i feel like everyone knows that they should eat nutritious foods but it’s not always easy. i feel such a difference when i’m eating lots of nutritious foods so just doing the best you can to do so is great. i also take a multi vitamin that has everything i need in it since i am vegan. i recommend looking into your diet in terms of vitamins and making sure you’re not missing anything, i wasn’t absorbing iron very well last summer and once i dealt with that, my energy levels were so much better.

not going on my phone before bed

this is another one of those things that you always hear about but it seriously makes a big difference in sleep. i used to have the worst problems with going to sleep and i still have some issues with it but not going on my phone right before has made such a difference. i now read before bed each night and i love it.


last but definitely not least, reading helps so much because it’s gets you out of your own head. i’ve wrote a couple of posts about my favorite reads if you need book recommendations!

i hope you enjoyed this post

xoxo carly

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