california travel diary

california travel diary

welcome back to my blog. last weekend i went to california for 4 days and it was such an amazing trip! this post is a trip recap of what we did and where we went in san francisco and long beach!

we started off our trip by flying to san francisco. we rented a car and first went for lunch in the mission district. i loved the mission district and all the colorful homes so much! also loved seeing the cherry blossoms. we got coffee and walked around a bunch of cute little streets.

this afternoon we also went to baker beach to see the golden gate bridge. this beach was so so pretty and had such a good view of the bridge. i brought my picnic blanket and we just chilled here for a bit, so nice!

we checked into our hotel and dropped off our stuff. for sunset we went to these cliffs at fort funston. the view of the ocean was insane and the sunset was so so pretty. there was so many dogs running around here too which was super sweet. i could actually see the top of the golden gate bridge from here which was super cool as well. afterwards we just went to a pizza place for dinner.

the next morning we checked out of our hotel and went into the sunset district for breakfast. we went to arizmendi bakery and i got a vegan muffin there that was so good. we walked around and looked at all the colorful and pretty buildings here. also got coffee a block or two down. eventually we found our way to golden gate park to eat our breakfast and coffee.

after breakfast we went to tour a college campus there. we checked out san francisco state university and it was such a nice campus!! loved it!

then we begin our road trip to long beach! the drive was about 8 hours but it was a really pretty drive. we saw so many different landscapes as we drove which was so cool. we made a couple stops throughout for starbucks or snacks but by around 8pm we had made it to los angeles!

we went to dinner in LA at sage’s plant based bistro which was so so good. after dinner we just drove the last little bit to our hotel in long beach.

the next morning we went to the beach! we went to belmont shore beach which was super pretty and super cool. i brought the picnic blanket so we just chilled there and enjoyed the sun. we got coffees and mango at the store as well.

for lunch we went to veggie grill and afterwards went to check out the california state university long beach campus! this campus was also so nice and had so many beautiful plants and trees everywhere.

i spent the afternoon at the hotel pool. it was super hot the weekend we were there so the pool was perfect. afterwards i got ready and went to belmont shore downtown area for dinner. we went to buona gente and got the best pasta and bread. while we were eating i kept seeing people walk by with boba so i also got bubble tea afterwards at a nearby tea shop.

the next morning was the day we were leaving. we were able to go to manhattan beach on the way to the airport though which was amazing! i loved manhattan beach so much. each alleyway you looked down you could see the beach. there were also so many surfers which was so so cool to watch.

then we just drove to the airport and got on our flight home. this was such an amazing trip and i had the best time, miss it already <3

xoxo carly

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  • hey carly,

    don’t know if u remember me but it’s purely ella / ellie ahahah
    so uh hey
    cant believe your still doing the blog after so many years! i love it. you go girl!
    hope your doing well :))

    ella x

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