an updated room tour

an updated room tour

hii welcome back to my blog! i did a post about my room at the beginning of the year after getting a new bed but a month or two ago i moved all the furniture around and i love the setup. no promises, but i think i’ll keep the furniture setup until i move out so i thought i put together a little post about it.

the first part of my room is the dresser area. my dresser is the tyssedal six drawer from ikea and above it i hung a mirror and a matisse print, also ignore the tape hanging it, i need to buy more double sided poster tape for this one. i bought the print online on etsy and had it printed on photo paper. on my dresser i have a candle, cactus, and my gua sha tool on one side and my most-used skincare products on the other. i also have a smaller mirror that i use to do my makeup and my favorite perfume at the moment.

in the corner by the dresser i have my full length mirror. i bought this at target at the beginning of the year. i hung a hat that i crocheted on the edge of the mirror so i remember to bring it when i go to the beach, park, etc. next to my mirror i have this moon phases hanging. it’s gold which is different from the silver on the mirror but i have mix n matched metals in room a bunch since i honestly really like the way it looks anyway. on the ground i have a little white fluffy rug from ikea and my fluffy slippers.

my favorite area of my room is definitely the bed corner. i moved my bed to go under the window and i love the way it looks with the curtains behind it! the bed and the curtains are both from ikea. on my bed i have a stuffed white duvet and white sheets with white and little rose pillowcases. for throw pillows i have one fluffy square one and one boho-style textured one. next to my bed i have my nightstand, i’ve had it since i was a child and painted it white a couple of years ago. above it i have my favorite matisse print from the set, a blue outline of a woman. on my nightstand i usually have some type of flowers, i bought these at the beach last sunday. i also have my salt lamp, current reads and my kindle, some crystals, and vitamins behind the lamp. on the bottom shelf part of the nightstand i keep a bunch of books i either love or haven’t read yet and my camera.

the last little corner of the room is a bit boring but it’s just my desk. i spend a lot of time here mostly doing schoolwork. on my desk i keep my alexa speaker, a candle, and the cutest little plant calendar. i also almost always have my laptop and my journal since i use both all the time. above my desk i have a larger matisse print with an abstract leaf/flower on it.

i hope you enjoyed this little updated room tour,

xoxo carly

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