all about the blog 2: my podcast, sponsorship networks, meeting other bloggers + engaging with your followers

a few weeks ago, i did a post on here that was sharing all about my blog and talking about camera equipment, editing and website design! so definitely check that post out if you haven’t already. for today’s post i have a part 2 to that post where i’ll be talking about my podcast, working with brands, meeting bloggers and the basics of what i do for my blog and podcast each week!! i hope you enjoy and this post helps you out <33

what i do for my podcast each week

i get a lot of questions about what it’s like recording and hosting a podcast so i thought i would share what i do each week for my podcast!

so starting off, i have the idea for the episode! i either get this from something someone else was talking about, something that was requested by a follower or something that happened to me that lead to a revelation. then i write down some notes for the episode to keep me on track while i’m recording.

i often record my episodes after school because my sisters aren’t home yet and my house is much quieter. then after recording i usually edit it right away when the things i wanted to cut out are fresh in my head. then i add in my music that plays at the beginning of each episode. i also write the show notes, titles and anything else i needed to get the episode ready.

if you didn’t know, i post a new episode each friday so on friday morning before school, i publish the episode and announce it! i use the app ‘unfold’ to put together some instagram story slides about the episode and if there is a guest about the guest. then i post those to my podcast instagram and one of them to my main account!

i also often post a photo to announce the episode on my main feed of my podcast instagram (@lovecarlyallisonpodcast). i also post on my main feed once or twice extra throughout the week often being either a quote or a funny picture from a movie and just cute sassy kinda stuff! i also like to post little journal-type prompts on my story having people share what they’re grateful for, what they like about themselves etc. i love reading and sharing the responses and i think it’s good for you guys too!

this is the basics of my little podcast production cycle!

what i do for my blog each week

as for my blog and instagram (@carlyallisonxo) i usually post once or twice a week on my blog and somewhere between 1-4 instagram photos a week depending on how many photos i have that i like!

as for my blog, i start by having an idea or request that i want to make! so depending on the post i might write down some notes but if i’m being honest, i usually don’t.

my first step is to take or find the photos i need for the post. whether that be my outfits of the week throughout that week or just scouting through my camera roll for a cute photo i haven’t used yet like i did for this post! then i will use my lightroom presets to edit which i talked about in my last blogging post.

then i import those photos into my blog post and add a title, relevant hashtags, a category and featured image! then usually a bit closer to when the post goes up i will type the post like i’m doing right now 😉

as for instagram, when i do have a photo i want to post i make sure to use all the things that apply like tagging the clothes in wearing and my location which unless i’m traveling, i set as ‘seattle washington’ since i live so close to it. i also personally prefer short and sweet style captions with an emoji or two. after posting i put my hashtags in a comment and put the post on my story!

networks + apps to find sponsors

i haven’t had much experience with networks or apps for sponsors on my blog or podcast yet but i recently have joined some so i’ll write a post on that once i get more experience. the sponsorships i’ve done so far i got the opportunity directly from the brand through email.

for my blog and instagram, i recently joined the app “peersway” because my friends have had a lot of successes working with brands on there, it’s only us and canada though. they have a lot of campaigns on there that seem really cool! as for my podcast, i recently got accepted into “ossa collective” which is a group that connects podcasts with sponsors. i’ll also let you know how that goes because i just joined a few weeks ago!

brand “scams”

some brands can be sneaky and here are just some red flags to watch out for and usually **not always** just in my experience lead to a not great deal for the blogger…

  • when brands “2nd account” comment on your instagram post telling you to dm them, be careful cause often they want you to buy their product and promote it for just a discount or something similar
  • anytime a brand doesn’t want to disclose something or you just overall get a gut feeling
  • some “ambassador” programs will give bloggers a discount code for a small percent off but the blogger has to post about it which i don’t think is a fair deal for the blogger, especially the bigger the blogger

how to meet other bloggers online

i’ve made so many amazing friends online and i truly think the blogging community is soo great!! as for meeting them i’d say the best way to begin making friends is just reply to people’s stories when it’s relevant. then just try to keep a short conversation going and just continue to reply to stories because i think that is the best way to start talking to other bloggers! overall just engaging with other bloggers who are a similar age, topic and following is the best way to start making friends. also asking for their snap once you start to get to know them better is a great way to talk with people you don’t see in real life. before you know it you’ll be facetiming then and spilling all your tea!!

how to engage with your followers

lastly i wanted to talk about the best ways to engage with your followers on your blog and on your instagram!

  1. share you everyday life on your stories
  2. reply to dms as much as you can
  3. reply to + like comments
  4. simply be active on other’s accounts by liking and commenting!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day babes!!

<33 carlyy xo

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