heyyy! i’m carly and welcome to my blog! i am a 15 year old girl from seattle washington who loves blogging about everything from my life to beauty to travel. i post almost every sunday and sometimes more. i hope you guys enjoy and stick around!

business email: lovecarlyallison@gmail.com

my podcast:

i also have a podcast!! it’s called the Love, Carly Allison podcast and can be listened to on all platforms including apple podcasts and spotify!! i feature a bunch of cool guests and talk about everything life on there

apple music link: here!

spotify link: here!

social media:

instagram: @carlyallisonxo

twitter: @carlyallisonxo

pinterest: @lovecarlyallison

spotify: @carlyallison

vsco: @carlyepp

loveee, carly🕊🦋👼🏻


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