a weekend in ocean shores

a weekend in ocean shores

hi! in today’s post i’m going to be sharing a weekend i spent in ocean shores a few weeks ago! it was such a pretty and peaceful trip so i wanted to share a little of what i did (basically just went to the beach many times) and a lot of pretty photos.

we drove to the beach on a saturday and got there just a little bit before sunset that night. i walked down to the beach and took some pictures and watched the sunrise. after sunset i went back to the condo and recently i’ve been crocheting again and so worked on a cardigan i was making. i also read a little bit of a book, i’ve been obsessed with the author Megan Miranda lately! we also had dinner and i continued working on the cardigan and reading for the rest of the night.

the next day i woke up at 7 and walked to the beach for a little sunrise morning walk. all of the sunsets and sunrises this weekend were beautiful which was amazing. i also sat down and journaled for a little bit before walking back. we watched the seahawks game and had lunch before going to the beach for a little bit in the afternoon. i went back to the condo for a little bit and read more of my book before going back to the beach for sunset. my sister and i took some more pictures this night as well since it was beautiful. the rest of the night was spent reading, hanging out and having dinner.

the next morning i woke up and went for another sunrise walk. the sunrise was so beautiful yet again and it was such a nice walk. during this mornings walk i listened to a podcast, i’ve been loving the sister diary podcast by maddie and lauren orlando. after i got back we packed up the car and drove home.

i hope you enjoyed this post and photos, it was such a calm and refreshing weekend. have an amazing day xo


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