a summer recap

a summer recap

hii welcome back to my blog! it was a really good summer for me and i wanted to put together a little recap post and share some of my favorite photos of my summer since i started school this past week.

end of june and beginning of july was a bunch of cute little picnics with friends! went to some a couple parks on the puget sound and brought lots of snacks, especially trader joe’s ones. went swimming a couple times too, got stung by a jellyfish one day trying to swim in the puget sound so i stuck to swimming in lakes for a bit after that one. also got into paddleboarding since my friend has them so i went paddleboarding at green lake a bunch with her, super fun!

spent 4th of july weekend on orcas island which was super cute and nice! we went to the state parks there, went to the beach and went hiking. also went blueberry picking with my friend which was so cute and fun!

some things i did for the rest of july included going to u-village a couple times, more paddleboarding and picnics, going on a sailboat for the day, visiting my friend at a lake, and watching the sunset a bunch.

for most of august i was a summer camp intern. an amazing few weeks with some really great people!! some things i did during time off included going to the farmers market, swimming off a little bridge at the lake, taking the ferry to friday harbor for the day, spending time in the cute little town nearby and watching the sunsets so much. but yes it was such an amazing time, miss it!

i hope you enjoyed this little post and the photos from summer

xoxo carly

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