a few days sailing in the puget sound

a few days sailing in the puget sound

hey hi hello! welcome back to my blog and for today’s post i’m sharing another travel diary. for this diary i went sailing for a few days with my grandparents in the south sound. (in washington) it was such a relaxing and amazing trip with my family and i loved it so much! i hope you enjoy this post and photos.

mid-morning i left my house and we drove down to meet my grandparents and get salads at panera. we went back to their house and packed up everything we needed for the trip. after packing up all our stuff and getting it all on the boat, we left for the trip! as we travelled over to our first nights stop i read a book and worked on a tank top. i brought along with me on this trip a copy of gone girl by gillian flynn and a few books i downloaded on my phone prior to the trip to choose from if i finished. i also went to the craft store before i left and got some yarn and fabric to start making some of my own clothes. so i brought along the yarn and worked on a crochet tank top from a pattern i found on tiktok. i actually used to crochet and sew when i was younger and since i can’t hang out with friends right now i’ve been getting back into it. once we got there we went for a walk on the beach of penrose state park and found the non-boat bathrooms.

when we got there it was relatively late into the afternoon so i just read my book some more until dinner. also gone girl was so good and i recommend it for sure! i did a what i eat in a day as well on this trip so definitely check that post out if you want to see some easy vegan meals made on a boat. after dinner we watched the sunset and my sister and i took some photos for instagram. then we had some dark chocolate and a vegan cookie for dessert while playing apples to apples until bed.

after making breakfast we took the dingy to the beach and went for a little hike in the park. we took a trail off the beach and found this cool swamp/beach area in the first picture above. i loved going on these walks since you can’t really walk around much on a boat! then we lifted the anchor and travelled over to our next spot. our next spot was cutts island state park which is a tiny tiny island by gig harbor. when we got there i chilled and finished my book at the front of the boat. i also went for a swim cause it was really hot (for washington lol) which was amazing! the sound/ocean is so healing and just incredible in every way.

the island is actually like a huge party spot which we did not see coming. we just stayed on our bouy because the island was insane with people. once it started to get into the evening things began to calm down at the island and surrounding water though. the sunset was gorgeous yet again though like just look at these pictures, we saw the prettiest ones both nights! i also started another book since i finished the first one. i started little secrets by jennifer hillier which is really good so far! after dinner we played more apples to apples before bed.

when we woke up the third day we made breakfast and packed up some of our stuff that we wouldn’t use throughout the day. then we went over to the cutts state park and walked around the island. the water around it is soo pretty and clear. afterwards we went over to another nearby beach/state park to use the restrooms and walk around. then we set path for back home! i just listened to a podcast (the sister dairy) on the way as well as read my book. we stopped in a little cove by point brown so i could go for another swim which was amazing even though there was lowkey so much current and i also got carried away from the boat for a minute there. then we just sailed home<3

i hope you enjoyed this little travel diary and i hope you guys are doing well! don’t forget to go follow my instagram @carlyallisonxo if you’d like.

xoxo carly

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  • Just figured out how to comment on your posts as it wouldn’t let me do so through the wordpress reader! Sounds like a fun and relaxing trip. You got some beautiful photos! I’ve never sailed before but have been on cruise ships. If you can manage to find a quiet spot away from the chaos it can be a really magical experience.

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