a few days of outfits

a few days of outfits

hi welcome to my blog, i hope you’re doing well! for today’s post i’m sharing a few of my recent favorite outfits. these are kinda from all over the place the past few months but they’re some of my favorite simple ones.

my first outfit is one for a bit of warmer weather from the end of summer. i love tying a long sleeve or crewneck over a tee shirt because it’s right there if you need it but also it looks cute. my top is a grey one from brandy with a little slit at the top and the long sleeve is another brandy one but i got it on depop. the jeans are one of my favorites from pacsun, they’re the straight style in an acid wash. the purse is my favorite and i thrifted it but the inside tag says ‘shozo’ if that helps at all.

the next one is a go-to favorite, i love the collared button-up paired with a crewneck look. it’s great for winter because it’s warm and cozy if you pair it with pants and maybe even a jacket if it’s cold. for this outfit i paired it with a skirt but that’s definitely more of a fall or spring outfit so for winter i would pair it with jeans or cargo pants. the white button down was from my dad’s closet and same with the crewneck which is just from the university of wa. as for the skirt it was off depop but the original brand was zaful. also the butterfly and initial necklaces i made with charms, beads/string and a chain from michaels and the choker is from depop. i love pairing skirts with doc martens so i would definitely wear those and even with jeans or cargo pants too.

my next outfit is so simple and it’s just the combo of pairing a cute black top with basic blue jeans and doc martens. it’s such a simple outfit but always works. the top is from the h&m conscious line so its made out of mostly recycled polyester which is pretty cool! it has puffy sleeves and a scrunch down the middle with a bow at the bottom. the jeans are basic blue jeans from pacsun in the straight style and the same bag as before.

my last outfit is another comfy and warm one for winter. the warm part basically comes from this flannel jacket with a sherpa inside. i’m obsessed with this jacket right now, it’s from the mens section at costco. i paired it with this black top with a tie/scrunch in the middle that i thrifted and some ripped jeans from pacsun in that same straight style. as for shoes, i wore my white nikes and for accessories i wore my basic jewelry and a black shoulder bag.

that’s all for the outfits and today’s post,

xoxo carly

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