a few days at the beach

a few days at the beach

earlier i got back from one of my favorite trips i’ve ever been on! i stayed at a house in a beach town (seabrook washington) with my grandparents and great grandma. this was genuinely one of the prettiest wa beaches (pacific beach) i’ve been to. this is definitely going to be different than my usual travel posts, no restaurants or big events to attend but i hope you enjoy this chill beach post!

the first day was chilly and gloomy so it was definitely a more relaxed chill day. this day i went for a walk with my grandmas and went through some of the little stores and markets in the town area. then even though it was pretty cold, we drove to the beach nearby. we also took my dog and it was his first time at the beach which was really fun to watch him. i also did a ton of school stuff this day so that took up a good amount of the afternoon/evening. my grandpa made us dinner and we found a handmade ice cream place in town that made this really good vegan caramel fudge ice cream. after dinner i just read in the hot tub for about an hour, showered, and went to bed.

the next day was a huge beach day! i started off my day by taking a long walk on the beach while listening to a podcast (ilysm with kenzie elizabeth). when i got back it was actually super warm so after lunch i changed into a bikini and went to the beach with my family. my sisters went swimming and i hung out in the dunes for a bit cause there was less wind there and read a book. it was super relaxing, lots of vitamin d! afterwards went to the tennis and pickleball courts for a bit before coming back for dinner! post dinner we walked back down to the beach and watched the sunset. the sunsets here were so so pretty and the water was too. when we got back i went back in the hot tub because i don’t have one at home and wanted to take advantage of it whenever possible.

the next day (monday), i went for another morning walk and listened to another podcast episode while doing so. then i went back to the house for a bit before going back to the beach with my family. after the beach i got an açai bowl from a foodtruck in the little town area. we played tennis and pickleball again for most of the afternoon. for dinner we picked up pizzas from a local pizza place and this was genuinely the best pizza i’ve ever had. the place was called ‘frontagers pizza co’ and i got a vegan margarita. after dinner we went back to catch the last sunset of the trip. i don’t know how but i think it was even better than the one before! after dinner i had some more of that fudge ice cream and we had a bonfire. i looked up a bunch of ghost stories at the fire too. the next morning i went for a walk, finished up packing and drove home.

thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post!

xoxo carly

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