a cute day in spokane + coeur d’alene

a cute day in spokane + coeur d’alene

about a week ago i went to spokane for a few days and we went to some pretty cool places one day. i also took so many cute pictures so i just had to do a post on it.

the first day was basically just a travel day. we flew cause the passes had a lot of snow and we didn’t want to get stuck anywhere. our flight didn’t get there until late in the day, so for friday we just went to this really good restaurant and walked around the gonzaga campus. it was a build your own salad bar and cafe called clark’s fork and it was right by the gonzaga campus.

on saturday morning we went to this mini donut shop in spokane valley. it was called hello sugar, and it was so so cute! i included so many pictures of the decor because it was just the prettiest little donut shop. the menu is 50% vegan which is really awesome and i love. i got a dozen and ate most of them myself which might’ve not been the best but they were so good. a bunch of them have glitter on them and the powdered sugar and chocolate were so good! it wasn’t too far from where we were staying either which was awesome and i think even my dad liked it. just writing this post makes me miss these donuts honestly!

after breakfast we drove to idaho for the morning! we drove to the town of coeur d’alene which i went to last year and is so cute. we went to the lake and walked around the docks. lake coeur d’alene is really pretty and lots of docks. we walked around for a little bit in the town too. the buildings are old fashioned but really cute and there’s lots of little ally’s like the one above. last time we were here we found this smoothie bar called ‘the wellness bar’ and i loved it. they have really good juices and smoothies as well as waffles and toast. it was really cold but i still got a smoothie and coffee for the first time there. the coffee was actually really good, it was just an almond milk latte!

i hope you enjoyed this little travel post<3

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