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my selfcare night routine

get ready for the most extra post ever!! i live for posts like this where you get to relax just reading it. they’re also awesome for getting product and relaxing recommendations. but yes, i’ll mention lots of my favorite products which are cruelty free and mostly natural too!! so i hope you enjoy this post and let’s get into it…

+ dinner & being productive

my night would start off by having dinner and going home! this night i had panera and i got the chile lime salad but without the meat or cheese and i get the balsamic dressing instead cause it’s my fave. i literally love panera and i wish i could have it every night lol! also, when i get home i knock everything off my to do list. i literally can’t relax without having everything i need to get done, done!

+ bath

honestly what is a selfcare/pamper night without a bath! i sometimes use a fancy lush bath bomb but i don’t have the money to do that whenever i want a bath lmaoo. but here’s a photo of my bath from may when i had this super colorful pretty one! when i’m in the bath i usually shave too, how exciting… also i sometime do a hair mask when i feel like it! there’s one from sheamoisture that i use when i do.

+ music

after i get out of the bath i blast some music! i actually just got spotify premium so i’m so hyped about that!! some albums and songs i’ve been loving is lil baby’s new album, 21 savage’s new album and j. cole’s new song too. but if you want to follow any of my playlists, my spotify is @carlyallison 😉

+ skincare & facemask

after instantly putting on either a robe or a comfy hoodie, i do skincare. since this is already a very extra night, i of course have to complete it with a facemask. i used the freeman cucumber facemask this night which is such a great one. also these are all the products i use everyday, they’re all amazinggg!! i just wash my face, tone, moisturize and use my retinoids.

+ eyebrows

after i’m done with skincare i’ll do my eyebrows again, if i feel like it. i either use the nads waxing kit which i recently got or i just pluck them with tweezers. i’m not very good at doing my eyebrows but i don’t trust someone else to do since i heard all those horror stories of people making them too skinny or short lmaooo.

+ journal time!

i also love to journal whenever i have the time! journaling is sooo amazing and i love it so much! i have a post all about my journal and another one coming next week. i basically create pages based on prompts from pinterest or google! i also make little things like habit trackers, wishlists and bucket lists, etc.

+ netflix/chilling

again, what is a pamper, relaxing, selfcare night without plenty of netflix! but yeah, i just posted a blog post on my netflix faves so check that out if you want to know more of my favorite shows and recommendations but i’m currently watching new girl and criminal minds the most! but yes i will often just watch netflix or write blog posts until i’m really tired when i would go to bed.

+ sorbet hehe

this is a little extra but i’m actually obsessed with raspberry sorbet so whenever it’s in my freezer i like to eat it when i’m just chilling and it’s so good guys!!

i hope you enjoyed this post and take time to relax, you deserve it loves!!

<33 carlyyy🍯🦋🌻

blogging about everything i love :)

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