how to survive school

okay yes the title is very dramatic but basically i’m sharing a post with my top 10 tips to make school better!

1. be efficient in class

this is probably the biggest tip for me and that is to be efficient in class!! if you focus at school and get everything done, you’ll feel amazing when you get home so you don’t have to do it later.

2. complain less about school

this is shocking but i’ve noticed that when i complain less about school, i start hating it less! it’s like a mental thing that when you say less negative things about something you start to think less negatively about it.

3. avoid drama + don’t start it

drama is so incredible negative and will affect you so much!! it’s so much unnecessary stress that’s the last thing you need. the last thing you should do to have a better school experience is start drama. it’s just completely unnecessary and it’s never a good thing!

4. be kind to everyone

there’s no reason to be rude or mean to people at school!! like why act like a bitch, you don’t gain anything? soo be nice to everyone!! just be like a little positive bean at school and you’ll make new friends and be known as a nicer person.

5. take care of yourself

first and foremost is that you need to take care of yourself!! take care of your personal hygiene, take a break if you need to, etc. you can’t give your all if you’re empty already!

6. keep these essentials in your backpack

  • pads + tampons
  • lotion
  • lip balm
  • makeup if you want it
  • cleansing wipes
  • anything else you might need at school!

7. find what makes you not hate doing schoolwork

so for me, when i watch netflix or listen to music when i’m doing schoolwork i can somewhat enjoy doing homework! some people think i’m crazy for watching netflix while doing homework and others totally relate so if it works for you do it! if not, find something else that works for you like music.

8. have go-to lunches

eating a good lunch can seriously be such a mood booster and changer!! i seriously recommend having some go-to lunches that are easy to prep and to pack in the mornings or at night! it’s so much better to be able to look forward to a great lunch.

9. cut out toxic friends

toxic friends can literally mentally drain you so much!! like neither you or them are gaining anything from the friendship. you’re losing things. the best way to drop them is just to slowly distance yourself from them! just stop snapchatting them and stop talking to them between class, etc.

10. do fun things after school/weekends

so sitting at school all day isn’t the most fun thing ever but when you make plans for after school and on the weekends you have stuff to look forward to. for me i’ll want to just grind out my homework and then go have fun!

i hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you out!! have an amazing week loves!!

<33 carlyyy⚡️🦋☕️

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