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first day of school 2018 (freshman)

A few days ago or so I started school (sep. 5th)… I basically put together this post that isn’t just a grwm/morning routine but also the whole day in my life! I also have some first day of freshman year advice cause I didn’t screw up anything too bad ;)) So far high schools good, like wayy better than middle school but with school comes stress and waking up too early, so there’s negatives but not too bad!

I wasn’t really sure what time to wake up, so I set my alarm for 5:30 but I could probably easily do 6. I walk to school so I leave at 7 and school starts at 7:20. After turning off that annoying alarm (extra annoying cause I had to grab my camera and take this first) I just replied to important texts but I’ve been avoiding social media in the mornings so I can get ready faster and just better! Then I went and did the basic bathroom stuff of wash my face and brush my teeth.

Going straight into makeup, I keep it pretty simple. I used to go all out with foundation and everything but I just do a variation of my summer makeup look with different eyeshadow/no eyeshadow. That includes BB cream, concealer, eyebrows, highlight, eyeshadow (maybe) + mascara then setting spray. For hair I basically just added the Bumble and Bumble curl definer and called that good.

Most importantly, breakfast! This is a photo from summer but this is the exact breakfast I made, (almond) yogurt with fruit and granola. It’s seriously so amazing!! I also made a lunch, I made a salad and pb & j sandwich. I’m still working on better lunch ideas but we’re trying! After breakfast I changed because I like to stay in pajamas for as long as possible everyday…

For my first day outfit, I kept it pretty simple too. We don’t have much of a dress code like at all so I could wear my whole closet except for the swimsuits! I wore a flowered and flowy blue tank top from Brandy Melville with a pair of flowy pink shorts with tassels. I also wore an oversized jean jacket and two necklaces and the everyday scrunchie and bracelet. My backpack matches my shirt lol and it’s from Jansport and has blue flowers all over it. Lastly for shoes I just wore my old skool pink Vans I wear literally everyday.

For my classes: I have French 1, Geometry, English, History Honors, Biology and Health! Next semester I have photography too which is super cool and I’m so excited because I really want to get better, especially with portraits. My french class seems fun and my biology, history and geometry teachers seem nice… Also I love health, I sit with my favs and we just have a really good time but the teacher still seems to like us!

advice from yours truly:

  • be open to new friends!!
  • learn where your classes are and make them you lockscreen
  • also be open to friends with upperclassmen, they’re not mean at all!!
  • joining a sport really helps you meet new people, especially upperclassmen you may not otherwise see and they can give you bomb advice too
  • know which tables/areas are for upperclassmen
  • don’t be obnoxious in the hallways and don’t push people
  • never ever forget earbuds <33

After school a few friends came home with me before volleyball so we hung out for a few hours before volleyball. I also cooked some yummy stir-fry with veggies and tofu. I think I’m obsessed with stir-fry now hehe. I have volleyball practice or a game everyday for school so we walked back to school for that at 4 (school gets out at 1:50). I’m so excited for the rest of our season (!!) we had our first game yesterday but Tuesday’s a home game ;))

After practice I just came home, took a shower, ate dinner, etc. I also just got ready for bed by doing skincare and all that fun stuff! I also just got all the syllabus’s signed that I needed to for each of my classes for the next day. Before falling asleep I just watched some Netflix and drank my tea. I’m currently watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix and my favorite tea is Yogi’s tranquility one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great school year so far <33

love, carlyy :))

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