how i connect with my faith

I know I haven’t talked much about my faith on my blog, but I wanted to do a post collecting everything I do to connect with my faith and God! Since this is my first faith post, let know if you want more sometime… I think that growing a strong and personal faith and relationship with God Over the last few months I’ve been spending more time on my faith and here’s how!!

1) Obviously the first thing that anyone thinks of is going to church! I used to just sit in the service and not even think at all about it. To pay 100% attention and really focus on the message since my mind wanders so much, I take notes!! I got the idea from Milena Ciciotti and Jess Conte and it’s so smart. I’ll make a few sections which are usually the key points, bible verses mentioned and my personal takeaways I write when I get home. I also go weekly high school services at another church on Sunday night and occasional other events!

2) Another thing I do on daily-basis are devotional study!! I get my online devotionals from a bible app, I think the name is just “bible”. They give you a bunch of plans to fit whatever you need and I study one everyday. I do a similar thing to my church notes but with devotionals. I use a notebook for all of this and it’s honestly one of the best parts of my day! It doesn’t have to be hours and hours, however much time you have and you only have to clear maybe 20-30 minutes of your time!!

3) Everyday to end my little devotional study I’ll just take a few minutes to say a prayer! How I do my prayers is start off by praying for any family, friends and basically anyone who is going through anything. Then I thank him for everything he gives to me and share everything that I’m grateful for!! I end with either any other prayers I thought of for anyone and that’s usually about it.

4) Since you likely go on your phone for hours a day, make sure to follow some positive people who spread Gods love! Obviously you don’t need to follow only Christians but do make sure to follow positive people who spread some form of joy. There’s already way too much negativity in the world so why let it invade you phone too!! A few of my favorite Christian youtubers are, Jess Conte, Milena Ciciotti, Jeanine Amapola and Haley Croft!

5) A few other things I do to connect with God include listening to worship music if you want to see some of my favorites, you can find them on my Spotify “carlyallison”. Another thing I recommend to do is download apps like “A Sprinkle of Jesus” for reminders a few times a day. Another thing I do is look at the dailybibleverse on my phone in the morning.

1 Corinthians 16:14 says “do everything in love” (my fave)

Love, Carly Allison

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