my summer bucket list

  1. face a fear
  2. make a new friend
  3. sleep on a trampoline
  4. go to the beach or lake
  5. sleep under the stars
  6. have a really long sleepover
  7. take a bunch of photos of you & your friends
  8. get your nails done
  9. make friendship bracelets
  10. make one of those instagram makeup videos
  11. vlog a day just for you to watch back
  12. make new recipes
  13. do something you’ve always wanted to do
  14. recreate pinterest/instagram photos
  15. go to a drive in movie
  16. watch the sunset and sunrise
  17. pull an all-nighter
  18. go on a roof (well be safe kiddos)
  19. go to a local concert/festival
  20. get a henna tattoo
  21. go to a fair or carnival
  22. go on a really pretty hike
  23. make an amazing playlist
  24. redo and makeover your room
  25. declutter literally everything
  26. take really good care of yourself
  27. find something about yourself you want to work on
  28. try out a local coffee shop!!
  29. visit a farmers market
  30. go night swimming
  31. go to a sunflower field
  32. sit outside and just sit
  33. play a board game outside
  34. sit by a pool all day
  35. go to or throw a party
  36. get to know yourself better
  37. live in the moment
  38. change up your hair
  39. go fruit picking
  40. be completely content with yourself
  41. spend time with people who care, don’t contact the ones who don’t
  42. get lots of sleep 😉
  43. have a fire at the beach
  44. build a polaroid wall
  45. be spontaneous
  46. do random acts of kindness
  47. do something wild
  48. let go of all past regrets
  49. have no regrets of summer
  50. have no worries


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