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aztec secret indian healing clay mask review!!

If you saw my skincare routine you would know that my skin can be kinda sucky sometimes/a lot of the time… I’ve been looking at all those skincare twitter threads and so many of them said that this mask clears your skin so much, so I bought it! I’m going to give a full review so I hope you like it, it’s the first full review I’ve made.

Starting off with price and value, this is only $7 (where I got it) and it has 1 pound of clay in it. That’s such a great price and you get so much of it, I won’t be running out soon!!

I’ve been testing this out for about a month by mixing one spoonful of it with a spoonful of water. The label reads that you can use water or apple cider vinegar but I first decided to stick to water since my skin can be a little irritable! I’ve found after using it more that when made with apple cider vinegar it’s way better so definitely go for that!! I mix the ACV and clay in a bowl with a plastic spoon until it’s mostly smooth. Then I use the back of the spoon to spread the mask all over my face.

This dries out so much and is hard to move your face once it’s dry. I leave it on for around 15 minutes like the label said.

It calls itself the ‘worlds most powerful facial’ and I’m not sure about the most powerful but this really works!! Within one use it had removed most of the small blackheads on my nose and my face begin to clear up within days. I actually totally felt the pulsating thing and it was sooo cool!

I only use this once a week like the label said and I look forward to it every week haha. After the 15 minutes, I wash my face, use toner and moisturizer! Whenever I use this at night, the next morning any breakouts are either almost gone or look less inflamed.

Especially if you struggle with cystic breakouts like me, this can really help them heal faster! The only con about this is that it can irritate your face if you use it to often or if you have sensitive skin…

On a 1-10 scale I’d honestly give this a 9.5 or 10!! Only cause it can irritate your face but it worked amazing for blackheads and breakouts!!

Now would I recommend this? YES!! I’d recommend this to anyone struggling with acne-prone skin of any skin type except sensitive! This has seriously been clearing up my skin so much. I’d say this is one of, if not the best mask I’ve tried!

You can buy this on a lot of online sites like Amazon or I bought mine at ‘The Vitamin Shoppe,’ but people say Whole Foods sell it too?

I hope you enjoyed this review!! Have you tried this mask?

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