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april favorites 2018!

I actually can’t believe that it’s almost May!! I’m so excited for this month, it’s my favorite month. But before I get into May, I wanted to share the things I’ve been loving during the month of April! I have makeup, hair, nails, music, Youtuber and Netflix favorites.


Starting off with makeup, earlier on in the month my mom and me went  to Ulta Beauty. I picked a few new items including the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in “Lunch Money”. This gives such a perfect natural-ish glow to pale people! It’s so smooth to the touch and I’d say can be a mix between cream and powder which is perfect! The glow is also really build-able meaning that you can add a little to keep it natural or more for a stronger glow. This formula is so nice on the skin and doesn’t break me out like some other highlighters have.


Another product I picked up at Ulta was the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray! I’ve heard so many good things about the matte version of this but I prefer dewy over matte so I got this one. This spray is so perfect for making sure your makeup stays on your face all day. My makeup used to come off by 4th period, but now it stays until it’s about time to take it off. It has a great feel on your face and finishes a healthy-glowy look that I’ve been loving!


Another thing I wanted to mention from that trip (yes there’s more though…) is the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. I’ve heard that this can be a dupe for the “official” Beauty Blender and I haven’t tried that but I’d say this one is pretty freaking great! It’s so squishy and blends your makeup so smoothly. All the different edges are perfect for blending my foundation and concealer into each part of my face. This is such a high quality product and for a great price too!


Moving a bit over into hair products, my mom got me the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Hair Mask. I’ve used this once or twice and it makes your hair so soft and feel so good! To use this I got my hair wet in the sink and applied this all throughout it. Then I put my hair in a bun and let it sink in for around a half an hour before taking a shower and washing my hair. It also smells amazing and left the smell in my hair for a few days. I’m not a huge hair person but my hair has been really dry and I love this one!!


A big tip I have for beauty-on-a-budget is to do your own nails, I use the Sensational 200pc of Acrylics and either an OPI polish or a color changing one I got from the beach. I have ugly, short nails and it only takes me about 20 minutes to do these and they last around 2 weeks! (I’m obsessed)

I just find which ones fit each finger and paint them. Then I file down the top of my natural nails which is a key part of making sure these last longer! (It can be damaging to your nails so you can decide how long you want them to last against how much damage you’re okay with). Then I use either the glue included or some of the other nail glues I have to glue these on and hold it down for around thirty seconds and that’s it!


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS IS THE BEST, I’M IN LOVE! Okay but really, I started this later than literally all my friends but I was missing out!! Basically you’ve probably heard about or seen Pretty Little Liars but if you haven’t, you’re missing out just like I was. I’m so obsessed with this show, I’m literally watching it right now! Basically it’s a group of friends a year after one of them is killed, but they keep getting mysterious texts from “A” as they try to figure out who killed Alison.


When I went to Orcas Island at the beginning of April, I downloaded the whole season of The Good Place and watched it in 2 days!! There’s only one season of it which is really disappointing but this show is so funny! Basically it’s a show about a girl who goes to this place meant for missionaries and other super amazing people after they die when she didn’t live the best life. She works really hard and does everything to try and stay there instead of going to the Bad Place.


Another amazing Netflix show I’ve been loving is Gossip Girl! I’m not very far into it yet so I can’t fully tell you what it’s about but I’m loving it already. Basically the “it-girl” Serena mysteriously disappears and upon her return causes a ton of drama.


  • basicallyreese is Reese’s vlog channel and she makes amazing vlogs that get me to be productive
  • Avery Ovard makes great quality videos and I love her personality
  • Milena Ciciotti makes videos about beauty, lifestyle and her faith, they’re so inspiring!
  • Jess Conte makes great vlogs and beauty,  lifestyle, fashion videos too
  • Mia Stammer is a great vlogger and has such a great personality too


  • Gemini – Macklemore (album)
  • Don’t Smile at Me – Billie Eilish (album)
  • POST MALONE (every song is amazing)
  • Olivia O’brien
  • Shot Down & Coaster – Khalid
  • Changes – XXXTENTACION

I hope you enjoyed and comment some things you’re loving right now down below!

<3 carly

24 Replies to “april favorites 2018!”

  1. I’m loving the Jersey Shore family reunion on MTV😂 & also the song “Friends Don’t” by Maddie and Tae!😊 —

  2. oh my goodness, pll and the good place are such amazing shows! i am still going with pll and i finished the good place in just three days… oops! avery ovard is one of my favourite youtubers too! great post carly x

  3. Ahh gossip girl is honestly the best, Serena and Blair have to be my favourites! That highlighter is gorgeous, wish colourpop was easier to get hold of in uk!:)

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