week in my life: spring break 2018!!

I hope you all had a great spring break!! I spent about half of mine on Orcas Island and the other half was at home with my friends and family. I’ve been watching and reading a few of these and they are so fun so here’s mine!!


I started off my morning by driving up to Mount Constitution on Orcas Island. It was absolutely beautiful and I could see so many other islands and even Canada!! It was about 2,000 feet up and if you’re ever on Orcas, you need to go there.

Next, we went into town for lunch and just walking around. The biggest town on Orcas (which is still tiny) is Eastsound so we went in there and I took some photos!! It was a beautiful day and we had a great time walking around town.

After that we just went back up to the house and I watched Netflix, we played board games and just had a relaxing night.


Sadly, on Tuesday it was time to go home. We packed up all our stuff and drove to the ferry landing on Orcas. The ferry landing was very cute and here’s the ferry arriving to the dock.

It was a smooth boat ride home and then we drove from the Anacortes ferry landing home. For the rest of the night after getting home I just unpacked, relaxed and got all clean!


I started my day on Wednesday by taking my time getting ready while catching up on YouTube videos!! Then me and my friend went to the mall for some shopping. We went to a lot of stores, got food and went to the photo booth in Urban.

After I got home I just did some break homework. I worked on a science assignment and then watched Netflix! Later on I had dinner with my family and took my time getting ready for bed.


If you haven’t noticed the theme of relaxing mornings, Thursday was no different! I made fruit and my mom made pancakes for everyone.

I spent most of the mid-day taking blog photos!! This was for an upcoming haul of what I got shopping this week. The rest of my day was basically spent on FaceTime with two of my friends 🙂


The next day my friend came over for a sleepover!! We picked her up around 11 and we watched a inspirational livestream from Reese Regan (one of my faves).

After we walked to a Starbucks and I got an soy iced latte and she got a Frapachino. We were probably gone for about 3 hours because we went to visit our old elementary school after!! We kinda just talked about life which was the mood I was in that day apparently haha

For the rest of the night we watched Netflix before going to bed around 1.


On Friday morning we had a chill morning and got donuts!! Then for lunch we went to Panera and got salads. After driving her home I was going to a volleyball training.

After my training I went home, took a shower, and watched TV with my family!!


On Sunday after getting ready, me and my family went out! We first went to the movies and saw “The Miracle Season” which is so freaking good. Then we went to the mall (again) since it’s right by the theater and where we went for dinner. I got a few things at Garage which you’ll see in the haul I mentioned!

For dinner we went to the Macaroni Grill and I got this amazing margarita pizza!! I’d say it was a great way to end my break before school starts :/

I hope you enjoyed this overview/week in my life of my chill spring break!!

<3 carly

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