how i edit my instagram photos + tips!

Even though I’ve only had a (public/blog) Instagram for a 1 month and a 1/2, I’ve gotten many requests to share how I edit my Instagram photos! Along with that I’ll share a few tips to take better photos 🙂

This is my “feed”, I honestly don’t care too much about having a specific theme, I kinda just post photos that I really like!

Here is a photo before editing that I posted a week or two ago. It was an attempt at a golden hour photo…

My favorite filter is probably HB2 (vsco) but I’ll share later on some other filters I love cause I mix it up. This filter can be too strong, so I’ll turn it down to about 6/12.

Then I’ll boost the contrast a bit more to make everything stand out. I usually boost it from +0.5 to +1.

I find that boosting the sharpen tool makes the picture look so much more precise and higher quality which is always great! I usually do around +5.

Next I’ll boost the clarity a tiny bit, I never go past +1 or it will look crazy! This gives a lot more depth to photo and show texture more.

I don’t always use highlights but for this photo there was some weird highlights because of the sun, so I bumped it up to around 4.5.

Finally I will use the skin tone feature to warm up the photo a bit because it was looking too cold toned.

Here is my finished photo, you probably can’t even tell the difference but I can!

I will also use the filters on the app “Darkroom”, I love P100 for a slight cool toned tint.

I’ve been using L100 in a lot of my recent blog posts since it’s pretty subtle 😉

A110 reminds me of HB2, just a little brighter so I use this if the photo is already kinda dark.

Lastly, A100 is a perfect summer filter since it makes the photo bright and saturated.

Photography Tips:

  • Anything can be a background! Try marble tiles (from the hardware store), scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, rugs, bed covers, clothes etc.
  • Add small props to boring photos like fairy lights, succulents, flowers, books, products, any room decor, clothing etc.
  • Try to always take photos by a window for better and more even lighting
  • Angle things in photos so they’re not too straight and set up. This will also make your photos look more artsy.

I hope these tips and ideas help you out with your photos!

<3 carly

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