my room tour 2018!!

My favorite posts are room/apartment/house tours, favorites and advice so here’s one of those, A ROOM TOUR! I got some requests to do one, even though I did a room tour not too long ago in 2017. I did a poll on my instagram story and almost everyone wanted an updated one since my room has definitely changed!

Starting off with what’s to the left of my door, I have my mirror and nightstand! Hanging on my mirror is a dream catcher I made as a kid.

On my nightstand I have a stack of the books that Lush has in their store?? Their free and I always grab one cause their sososososo cute!! On top of those I have a plant, a jar of shells I bought in Oregon and a little quote in this wire flower photo display. It says, “always find time for what makes you happy to be alive.” Surrounding all this I have some rose gold fairy lights!

On the right side of my nightstand I have a black desk-style lamp and a mason jar with water πŸ™‚

Next is my bed, I have this tan blanket on my bed, purple-pink pillows and some flower pillows below them. Then I have a tan pillow and one of those 2-sided sequin pillows?? I don’t know the name of these pillows but it’s from Target and it’s sosososo cute!!

I have two stuffed animals on my bed and let me just explain lol… The bear was a Valentine’s Day gift from one of my friends and yes, it’s wearing a wedding dress cause it’s a wifey bear and she’s my wifey lol! I also have a pug I got at the fair πŸ™‚

Above my bed I have a yarn tassel hanging I made in a diy post, some fairy lights and a phases of the moon hanging that’s by window.

Past my window is my desk area. Above my desk I have this hanging light sign, I love it so much and it was only $15 from Ebay!! I also have a corner shelf and to the right a jewelry hanger with some jewelry and a purse to easily grab.

On my desk I have my clear makeup drawers where I store all my makeup, my laptop, my phone, my light up mirror and my journal.

On my corner shelf I have a rose gold wire basket and a fake plant. In the basket I have a mason jar with some pencils, a candle, a savings jar in the back and this diy tissue jar!

Past my desk I have my dresser! Right before my dresser I have a corgi calendar, I love corgi’s and my family is getting one in the fall, I’m so excited!! On my dresser I first have a little wooden tray with a teacup holding jewelry and a plant! Then I have my hamster Pepper’s cage.

On the top part of my dresser I have a wooden crate with a fake plant and another photo holder in it. I also have my clock and an air plant!

Above my dresser I have another shelf, on it have my polaroid (loveee) and another stack of my 2 favorite books!! On top of the books I have a color blocked mason jar with some sunflowers in it.

To the right of my dresser I have a woven laundry basket and my closet!! To the right of my closet I have a huge polaroid wall but it’s mostly photos of my friends so I didn’t show it… But it’s growing and it’s one of my favorite parts of my room!!

I hope you enjoyed and got a crap-ton of some room inspiration!!

<3 carly

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  1. Your room is especially minimal and artistic-i absolutely love it!! I think I may want to put up a dreamcatcher on my room mirror too hehe, that’s cute and really embellishes a full length mirror (:

  2. I love all your little plans! They bring a lot of life to the room.πŸŒ±πŸ’– β€”

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