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my 4 favorite eyeshadow looks

If you haven’t noticed from my makeup posts, I love eyeshadow!! It and foundation are my favorite makeup products for sure. Like most, I have my go-to four looks I always do!!

• LOOK #1: Natural Light Pink •

Starting off with a super natural, light pink look! For this I used the Maybelline Blushed Nudes that I use every time…

1. First cover your lid with a light shimmery pink using a big fluffy brush.

2. Then blend in a darker pink/nude into your crease with a small crease brush. You can also blend a bit into your lower lash line.

3. Finally use a even lighter shimmery pink to highlight your inner corner.

4. Don’t forget to apply a natural looking mascara to your top lashes!! (I used the Artistry mascara)

LOOK #2: Orange-Toned w/ Gold •

Then, I’ve been loving orange-toned eyeshadow using a morphe palette! Hey look! Carly does an eyeshadow look with a pallets not the Maybelline Blushed Nudes!! For the other 3 looks I’ll be using the Morphe 35O palette!!

1. Start by covering your lid with a matte, light orange using a big fluffy brush.

2. Then blend a darker orange into your crease with a fluffy crease brush.

3. To darken up the look a bit, blend a red tone into your crease with the orange, using a small eyeshadow crease brush. Also add a bit to your lower-lashline to balance it out.

4. To make a beautiful shimmery gold lid, use a liquid eyeshadow like the Elf Liquid Shadow in “Copper”. Cover your lid with this and use a flat-ish brush to slightly blend the sides into the rest of your shadow.

5. Add a light cream colored shimmer to highlight your inner-corner with a small shadow brush.

6. Finish off with a bit of a tight-line on your top lash-line and some mascara!! I used the Maybelline Colossal Mascara and the Profusion Pencil Liner.

• LOOK #3: Nude & Gold •

Going on to the next look, it’s a beautiful brown nude and gold look!!

1. Start off by covering your lid with a light brown nude with a big fluffy brush.

2. Then blend a darker brown into the crease with a fluffy brush and add some to your lower-lashline too.

3. Spray your flat brush with water to get a foil effect.

4. Using the damp brush, pick up a good amount of gold shadow for your lid. Make sure to pack it on so it’s foiled and super opaque. Also add a bit to highlight the inner-corner.

5. Finish off with some mascara, I used the Clinique High Impact Mascara.

• LOOK #4: Glam Red Shimmer •

The last look is this fancy red look complete with a wing and everything!! Definitely not an everyday look like the rest, but for special events, it’s my go to 😉

1. Start off by covering your lid and crease with a medium red withafluffybrush.

2. Blend the samered into your lower-lash line, lower-lash is extra important when doing dark looks to balance the look!

3. Using the same damp-brush technique, foil add some sparkly, opaque red to the center of your lid and blend the sides out.

4. Finish the shadow by highlighting your inner-corner with a sparkly cream highlight.

5. For fancy shadow, you need fancy liner too!! I used the same pencil liner to tight-line, then add a wing.I used the Profusion Pencil Liner and NYX Felt Tip Liner. Then I used the Clinique High Impact Mascara for my lower lashes and the Maybelline Colossal for top lashes.

I really hope you enjoyed these looks and try them out!!

<3 carly

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