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Happy 2018!! I hope you’re having a great year so far! To kick off 2018, I made some simple DIY’s to decorate my room for the new year. Also, I’ve changed my posting date from Friday (It’s been hard to get the post typed in time…) to Saturday! 🙂

I’ve had this tissue jar for a while and just never showed how to do it. It’s basically a more artsy version of a tissue box lol

  • mason jar! (i painted mine)
  • scissors
  • metal piece of a mason jar lid
  • tissues
  • thick paper

1. Trace the metal piece of the lid on to thick paper (I used an old sketchbook cover) and cut it out.

2. Then fold it in half and in the middle make small cuts leading out (>1 cm long)

3. When placed in the lid the cuts should look like above so the tissue can poke through later.

4. To begin putting in the tissues, first cut all your tissues in half hamburger style.

5. Then place the two half’s together and following the photo, fold the top one up.

6. Sorry this is hard explain; then fold up the two sides but leave the small piece sticking out at the top!

7. When you’ve rolled it up, it should look like this. Hopefully you can pull the top tissue and have another tissue come out! If not try again and I swear you’ll get it!

8. Put your “rollin the jar and thread the top of the first tissue through the hole in the paper circle.

9. Then simply screw on the metal lid and that’s it! You should be able to continue to pull out tissues like normal until you need to refill (then just follow the instructions then put them in and trust me, it will get easier every time!!)

To decorate my nightstand after Christmas, I stacked a magazine and a lush catalog which were both super cute. Then I added the tissue jar, a photo holder and an air plant!

I got this crate for storage a few months ago, but it was too cute to store away so I did something really cool with it; made it into a unique piece of decor! I wanted to think of as many ways to decorate it as possible so these are my faves that I kept.

1. First put up your crate on its side so it’s kinda like a shelf. I taped in a little winter sketched piece that one of my friends made (so cute!) with some washi-tape to the back “wall” of the crate.

2. Inside the crate I put in a succulent and flowered letter “c” to decorate.

3. The last way is you can decorate it is to pin stuff up with tacks. Since the crate is wood, it’s pretty easy to hang something like the owl up with a thumbtack!

Here’s how my final crate turned out, I found it really fun to makeover it! You could also paint it if you wanted but I liked the natural wood color.

This easy, minimal dotted jar is perfect for makeup brushes, products, pencils, hair ties, flowers, etc!

  • clear jar
  • paint & brush

1. Simplest DIY ever; make messy dots with paint on a jar 😉

2. Let it dry and that’s it!

I actually ended up using it to store my makeup brushes with little pebbles so they stand up!

I hope you enjoyed and have a great 2018!

<3 carly

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