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Fall is definitely the most cozy season, meaning I love a cozy room! For me, fall has been an under-decorated season so I definitely had to make some DIYs for it<3 

I hope you enjoy and let’s get started with the first DIY 🙂

This candle jar is one of my favorite DIYs I’ve ever made! In the dark, the eye holes have light from the candle shine out of them, which looks really cool!

Yes, the main supply for this DIY is toilet paper…  You will also need a tea light candle to have the cool eye-hole affect I mentioned.

1. Start by mixing equal parts glue and water. Using a brush, paint the glue-water mixture all over your jar.

2. Then stick a piece of toilet paper onto the mixture and paint some more over it. 

3. Repeat step 2 to cover your jar.

4. Before letting your jar dry too much, use anything semi-sharp to carve out the eyes from the toilet paper. 

I love the way the finished DIY looks; lit in the night and unlit in the day! You probably already have everything you need, making this DIY really cheap and easy too.

I love how minimal and simple this framed leaf is! You can definitely decorate with this in a really classy way as well.

I bought the frame at the dollar store, which I really recommend for cheap ones. The frame was a dark brown which I wasn’t a fan of, so I painted it white. You can find any leaf (or shape) that you’d like on google, then cut that out.

1. Trace the leaf onto the back of your scrapbook paper.

2. Then cut out the leaf.

3. Next trace the back of the frame onto a plain piece of paper (so it will fit in the frame).

4. Apply glue to the back of your leaf, don’t worry about getting every bit because the frame will help hold the leaf in.

5. Place your paper-with-a-leaf-glued-on in the frame and put the frame back together.

I put my frame on a shelf and added some fairy lights to be even more extra 😉

Next up is this cozy-looking pom pom garland! I feel like I’ve done this DIY before on my blog, but it’s no longer up (if I even did) and I really love it!! 

I almost didn’t include this photo because literally all you need is scissors and yarn. Definitely get a thick yarn though, otherwise you’ll need a lot more to make a pom pom.

1. Start by wrapping your yarn around 3/4 fingers about 100 times.

2. Tie your yarn bundles around the middle with a smaller piece of yarn.
3. Repeat to make a enough bundles to make a garland (I made 6)

4. Trim your pom pom to make the edges as even as possible. Make sure to leave the longer piece you used to tie the bundle.

5. Repeat the trimming process to all of your bundles.

6. Using the pieces you left long, tie your pom poms to a longer piece to make the garland strand.

I hung mine above my bed using tape and it adds to the cozy factor of it so well!

I hope you enjoyed this extra post! Also, I’ve been posting progress on a drawing and keep the finals on my art page so check it out if you want 🙂

<3 Carly

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