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With everyone’s lives being so out there with the internet, it can be hard to be content and happy with yours! I’ve just been enjoying mine a lot more and are way more happy with it recently and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Everyone has their bad days, but it’s so amazing to just think “wow, I’m really happy with everything right now”.  I hope you enjoy and these help you as they have me 🙂

Personally I think if you’re trying too hard to have everyday and everything be perfect you can destroy yourself, you can easily bring yourself so far down when you do something as simple as leave a hoodie somewhere. I think the best balance between trying too hard to be perfect and completely not caring is to accept the screw-ups and make a plan to fix them, but then let them go. For example, if you miss a few problems on a test, ask for a makeup and fix it, but don’t let it ruin your day or dwell on it!!

If you’re anything like I was (obsessed with being perfect), really try to be more carefree and spontaneous; it will help you enjoy life so much more <3

A huge thing is not to spend too much time on your phone!! I know everyone says this, but if you’re too caught up in everyone’s lives you can’t enjoy yours as much. You’ll start to compare your life to others and feel like yours isn’t as good, which isn’t true. Social media is a highlight reel, nobody is going to post the bad selfie, they’ll post the good one.

Another huge piece in my opinion if loving yourself! I think this is soooooo important to loving your life. Even though you don’t have to love everything about you, focus on what you love about yourself. Don’t dwell too much on insecurities or things you don’t like either, they are a part of you only you notice. I think to love life you need to love yourself first <3

In life you can get so caught up in drama, negativity, etc. that sometimes you need to take some chill time. Take a bubble bath, draw or read, etc. If you’re getting really upset about something maybe rant a bit but then just chill and let it go. Don’t let the world rock your boat easily.

Sometimes you also need to take a step back and remember that it’s your life, you do you!! Don’t try to be someone you’re not and if someone doesn’t like that, then it’s their loss. Just be yourself!! Do silly stuff like playing heads up in lines, funny photos in public, etc! You’ll laugh much more and enjoy everything so much more if you take life as a joke. Not like fail all your classes joke, but as I said just mess around, do spontaneous stuff, etc. <3

Personally I feel happier when I live a (semi) healthy lifestyle. Your body will feel much better when it has (mostly) health things in it than when you’re on a sugar hangover! You don’t have to do anything crazy at all like completely cutting out sugar but I definitely recommend limiting it!! Enjoy your cake, but then have a nice salad later if you know what I mean!! Also staying active and having a sport is a huge piece for me. I feel happiest when I’m out on the volleyball court personally, so I recommend finding a sport for you.

I also feel happiest when I’m around my friends who lift me up and make me laugh, so spend time with friends who make you happy and ditch the ones who don’t. My best moments are laughing with my friends <3

Going with that, enjoy your alone time as well!! In my opinion lonely and alone are exact opposites. Quiet time with yourself is just as important as “louder” times with friends. (balance)

Lastly, a pretty basic one, but if you don’t like something about your life, change it!! Don’t dwell or moan and groan about something, work your butt off to change it 🙂

I hope these tips help you as they’ve been incredibly helpful to me 🙂

<3 Carly

“you know you’re winning when you’re just happy, not because of something or someone, just happy”

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