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Things can get soooo expensive! I mean tassel hangings can cost like $50 on decor sites and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of money for string and wood!! So,I came up with some ideas to DIY some accessories/decor for cheap.

First off, I have the previously mentioned tassel hanging, inspired by stores like urban outfitters and free people. I love this DIY because it’s so cute but still minimal at the same time.

I chose this really pretty light pink “fiesta” yarn for my hanging. I also broke a dowel into a smaller piece (about 8 in).

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1. Start by wrapping your yarn around your fingers 25-75 times, depending on how thick it is. For reference, I did about 60 times.

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2. Carefully take the “yarn wrap” off your hand and tie at the top with a ~36 inch peice of yarn. 

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3. Using a much shorter piece of yarn, tie about 2/3 up the bundle (as above). Make sure to tie it around all of the wrap and very tight.

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4. Cut all of the loops on the bottom of your tassel. Then you can trim the ends to make them about the same length.

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5. Your finished tassel should now look (hopefully!!) something like this. ^

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6. Then make as many tassels as you’d like, but preferably ~5 for an eight-inch dowel.

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7. Cut the length of the strings hanging the tassels to be shorter on the inside and longer on the ends. Then tie them on to the dowel.

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8. Tie them on as evenly spaced as possible (mine were ~1 in apart), but they don’t have to be perfect.

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As you might have seen in my room tour, I hung mine above my bed with a wall hook.

I’ve been loving baseball hats, so I had to DIY an embroidered quote one! I say vibes so much so I really wanted to put that on a hat.

 I found the plain hat at Michaels for $2, yes $2!!! That’s crazy as this type of hat often costs ~20. I honestly can’t recommend this DIY enough!

(taken late, partly done… sorry!!)

1. Start by using a light pencil to write your word on the hat. I recommend a shorter word so it doesn’t take 1,000,000 years to stitch!

2. Then your going to start stitching, for this make short horizontal stitches (as above). If you don’t sew, this can sound intimidating, but it’s really easy! Maybe look up a tutorial if you need to, but this is the most basic stitch so you should be just fine.

I also recommend mapping out the letter outline (as above) before filling it in (following step 2). It makes it easier to tell where to stitch, making it look neater.

I love this DIY so much!! It definitely takes a while to make, but with T.V. it’s really relaxing and chill.

I love these beachy chokers and I’ve been seeing them everywhere. So of course I had to DIY one!

You can find shells at the beach or get them for cheap at Michaels. Any type of shell works, as long as it has a hole to thread string through.

1. Cut 3 pieces of string and braid them together. 

2. Then simply thread on the shells to the braid. (I know it’s intense, but I think you can handle it ;))

To attach to your neck, just tie the back together. This is such an easy but cute choker, I’ll be wearing this a lot! 


Also, OMG WE HIT 500 FREAKING FOLLOWERS!!! It’s absolutely insane to think about over 500 people reading and enjoying my blog!! Thank you so, so, so much for reading my posts, it means so much to me!! <3 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!!

<3 Carly

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