10 things to do this summer

10 things to do this summer

hi welcome back to my blog! it’s summer break (in north america at least) and i thought i would put together a list of 10 things to do this summer.

1. pick up a new hobby

i love love hobbies, i have a bunch! i love crocheting, i picked it back up last fall and have made so many things. there are also so many tutorials on youtube for crochet and so many other hobbies. a couple of other hobby ideas are jewelry making, blogging, photography, etc.

2. start going for walks

i also love walks! i recommend putting on a podcast or some good music and just going for a nice little walk either in your neighborhood or at a walking trail. sunset and morning walks in the summer are especially nice!

3. start reading

i started reading more often again about a year and a half ago and i love it! super super relaxing to get out of your head for a bit and there are so many good books out there. i also have a bunch of blog posts on my favorite books. (type books into search bar at the bottom of the page!)

4. redo your room

i change up my room very often and it’s really fun and something new! it’s especially nice when you’re kinda bored with life and things since it changes your environment.

5. have a picnic

picnics are one of the best summer (and non-summer) activities! i love picking up snacks or takeout and setting down a blanket at a park or beach. also really fun with friends!

6. go to a lake

another really fun idea with friends! going to a lake or a beach and either swimming or just hanging out is super fun and cute. also really fun if you have paddleboards or floats!

7. go berry picking

i did this a few days ago and it was so fun and cute! went to a blueberry farm with my friend and we picked a bunch of berries and it was super cute.

8. paint something

i did this with my friend a month ago, we went to the beach, brought paint and canvas, and painted! you also definitely don’t have to be good at painting for this to be fun.

9. have a bonfire

love bonfires too! it’s really fun with friends as well and you can make s’mores and listen to music.

10. try something / go somewhere new

so many ideas for this one! you could learn to skateboard, play a new sport, skate, bike, etc. or visit any nearby city, event, beach/forest, carnival, etc.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great summer,

xo carly

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