10 daily rituals i love

10 daily rituals i love

hey guys welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be sharing daily rituals that i love to keep up with my wellness and self care, especially during quarantine. before i get started i just wanted to remind you to keep spreading awareness, reading and signing petitions for black lives matter and the world, here’s a link to a carrd with tons of links for everything from blm to yemen: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

i hope you enjoy today’s post and don’t forget to take care of yourself today!

1. waking up by 8am

this one depends on you personally, i’m an 8am wake up so i put 8 but if 9 or 7 is better for you than do that. having a solid wake up time and that time being in the morning will help you get more done and have a smoother morning. i use my alexa because i have to talk to make her stop ringing because having to yell ‘alexa off’ will wake you up really quick.

2. drinking a glass of water 1st thing in the morning

especially if you’re a coffee drinker, it really helps start your mornings better to drink a glass of water before your coffee. when you wake up you haven’t drank water in like 6-9 hours depending on how long you slept so you’re likely dehydrated. bonus points if you add lemon because lemon water is amazing.

3. making my bed

a ton of people say this helps you be productive or successful, i don’t know about that BUT it keeps me from getting back in my bed. when i get back in my bed i know i’m not going to be getting anything else done. but also my bed is comfy and i like to do computer work there so i just leave a blanket there and use that rather than going fully into the covers.

4. fruit almost every morning

i don’t know what it is about fruit but it tastes so good in the morning! so most of my breakfasts include either fruit or avocado. i love yogurt bowls, oatmeal with fruit, avocado toast, smoothie bowls and smoothies.

5. yerba mate or green tea

these are my two favorite types of tea so i have one of these two everyday. both give a nice little boost of energy and taste so good! i love the cans of yerba mate flavors but i picked up a box of teabags so i can make them at home.

6. working out

doing a workout most days will boost your mood and health a ton! it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, a good quick but effective workout is the alexis ren 10 minute ab video. i also have my personal workout routine posted here. i also have loved running while in quarantine and have been using the nike running app to track those runs.

7. reading at least some of a book

i’ve gotten into reading so so much and i love it! i’m not even kidding, i’ve been reading around 2/3 books a week. now that is definitely just a quarantine thing because that would not be possible in my normal life. but i’m definitely going to be carrying that habit out of quarantine whenever that is. i use an app by my local library to read so i can checkout my books on my ipad and i really recommend seeing if your library has anything like this.

8. going for a walk or laying out in your yard

another habit i’ve picked up during quarantine is going for walks and laying out in my yard and reading. both are great ways to spend time outside and in the fresh air which just boosts my mood and overall is a healthy way to spend time.

9. journaling

i feel like i’ve tried so many times to get into journaling but i think i’ve finally done it. i’d say you just have to try and find a method of journaling that works for you. for mine i kinda do some lists, some random writing and prompts i find on pinterest.

10. taking your time doing your skincare routine every night

my last daily ritual is to do your skincare routine every night (and morning). this will help your skin so much and is really relaxing. taking your time turns it into more of a meditative activity and way to wind down before bed.

i hope you enjoyed today’s post and are doing well!

xoxo carly

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