winter break week in my life!!

this past week has been a super festive winter break week so i took photos of it! i celebrated christmas with my family, hung out with my friends, had volleyball training, redecorated my room and overall had a fun, chill break week! i hope you guys had a great holiday season and happy new year <3

monday 12/24 (christmas eve!!)

starting off my christmas eve morning, my mom and i went grocery shopping to cook brunch for our grandparents who were coming. but first, we stopped at starbucks and i got a vegan peppermint mocha and it was sooo good! afterwards my sister and i did each other’s makeup actually. we used my morphe palette and went ham with fancy looks!

then my grandparents came and we just hung out! i played with max (my corgi) and sat my the fireplace.

after my grandparents left, i brought our family’s christmas gift to my neighbors to them. i also made some new spotify playlists from the music i’ve discovered lately from one of my friends who has like the best music taste!

tuesday 12/25 (christmas!!!!)

ahhh it’s christmas morning!! aka the very best morning in the year and the only one i’m actually a morning person! i had some more of the yummy cinnamon rolls from yesterday for breakfast before my family opened gifts. i’ll just quickly summarize what i got from my parents which was so nice of them! i got a few pairs of black leggings, a facial appointment, pjs, spandex, a new bible journal and more.

after opening gifts with my family, i went upstairs to get ready! we were going over to visit my dads family in the afternoon. after getting ready, i just played with max some more! then we went over and hung out, ate dinner and opened gifts. a few things i got from them were a fluffy robe, a comfy (look it up ;)), bath bombs, an app store gift card and a brandy melville gift card which i bought the “honey” sweatshirt with! thank you guys so much because that was so sweet of them all!!

after i came home, i took a relaxing bath and did all the bath stuff. after i got out i put on this black facemask from 7th heaven! i also cozied up in my new robe and watches netflix for the rest of the night.

wednesday 12/26

the next morning, i took down my christmas decor and started bringing back a few of my old decorations! i also took down my shelf and moved my frame there. basically i just decorated my room for the new year and everything!

for the rest of the day i facetimed a bunch of friends, made lunch and made this friendship bracelet! i facetimed amy, anise and amanda and we just talked about life, the tea, etc. then i cooked up this lunch and it was really easy and pretty good! i found this really fancy pattern on pinterest and i made it.

thursday 12/27

(i didn’t take photos cause i was just babysitting all day up until volleyball)

friday 12/28

friday morning was my facial i got for christmas!! my mom got me a gift card to my favorite spot and i got one for acne scarring and textured skin. it was sooo nice and i loved it so much, my skin did too! after my facial i went home and chilled for a bit before leaving for volleyball!

then it was volleyball time! i’ve been doing these winter boot camps with the club i play for this week. friday’s was on digging and to be honest my knees are a disaster because of it! after volleyball i went home and took another bath hahahha! but this time i used a bath bomb i got for christmas and it was orange as you can see.

after volleyball, i went shopping with my dad and picked up a few products i had run out of along with chips, the cravings hit… i also got an açaí bowl at costco! after i got home, i chilled for the rest of the night.

saturday 12/29

i started off my morning my going to a coffee shop to get coffee with my friend angelina! we got to catch up and spill the tea since we hadn’t seem much of each other lately! it was really nice to see her again <33

then i just went to volleyball and this one was on setting!! it was probably my favorite one yet. afterwards i just went home and chilled and wrote this post!! what i’m doing rnn 😉

i hope you enjoyed this post and see you next year 😉

<33 carlyy⚡️💛

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  1. I hope you had a great winter break, I love these photos! Also, your corgi is so cute!

    1. awwwh thank you so much 💗🐶

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