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i always get requests for posts like this where i just document my weekend and my life in general! i feel like these help you get to know me and my life so much better. this was a pretty average but fun weekend with a party, a tournament and easter family events.

after school on friday, i actually went to a high school party! not that many people went but a good group of my friends did. they had these snow cones too and i got a bunch of those cause i have such a thing for snow cones! the music was good and i had a great time dancing with my friends. a bunch of people were going to a store and walking around but i had a tournament the next day and it was already super late so i went home and got some rest! but i don’t know why i decided to go out the night before a 7am tournament i was so dead the next morning.

bright and early at like 6:30 we left my house for my volleyball tournament. it was a two day tournament but got switched to one day because of easter sunday. the tournament lasted all day and it was amazing!! this was like our best ever tournament and we lowkey killed it. but yes it was a great tournament and now i’m prepping for our last one of the season tomorrow which is just crazy how fast it went by!

then at around 6pm the tournament ended and we went home. but we also grabbed taco time for dinner because i was starving after all that volleyball! i got the veggie fit hit bowl which is vegan and delicious, especially with guacamole. after dinner i took a nice hot shower and got ready for bed. then i chilled in bed and drank tea and watched netflix! i started watching the night shift lately and it’s so good!! it’s basically a copycat greys anatomy but i’m here for it.

the next morning was easter sunday and i had a lovely and slow morning! i started off by chilling in bed for a little bit. after getting out of bed i went downstairs to make pancakes. these were delicious and i have the recipe here! then i went back upstairs to get ready. i just did some simple and easy makeup, some concealer, brows and mascara. my outfit was a simple tank top, jeans and cardigan. the tank is from garage, jeans from hollister and cardigan is from a boutique in idaho.

after getting ready we had an easter egg hunt. throughout the night before, a few of our cousins and aunts set up a surprise egg hunt in our yard so the next morning we woke up to that! my dad and i went grocery shopping to buy ingredients for the salad we were bringing to the lunch at my grandparents. i made a salad similar to my favorite panera one. i bought romaine lettuce, arugula, quinoa, tortilla chip crisps, avocado and the best dressing ever, the panera balsamic. then i kinda just chilled for the rest of the night.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great weeks babes!!

xo carly💋🍒

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