ways to help the environment & live more eco-friendly

i’ve lately been getting much more into doing better for the environment! i think it’s so so important to care for the environment because our earth is going downhill. so care for your home and your planet with these easy ways! i’m far from perfect at it but these are the things that i’ve been doing.

1. use reusable straws

i feel like this year reusable straws have become super trendy and more people are using them! but that’s great because plastic straws often end up in the ocean and eaten by marine life which is toxic for them to eat so they eventually are killed by the plastic which is just horrible.

2. bring your own bags

this is another one that’s pretty simple but just as important! i cant remember what animal it is, i think it’s a whale but the plastic bags look like a jellyfish to them and so they eat them and it eventually kills them as well which is absolutely AWFUL.

3. reusable water bottle + coffee cup

i mean i think just about everyone has a reusable bottle especially a hydro flask since they got popular. but this is another great one cause bottles can often blow away and end up on the beach. also today i just bought one of those reusable starbucks cups for whenever i get coffee! it was only like $3 so i recommend picking up one of those for pretty much everything.

4. use biodegradable versions of things

there’s certain things that just can’t be reused in a sanitary way if you know what i’m getting at lol!! buuut most stores have biodegradable ones that don’t just sit in landfills forever and ever. things like tampons, dog poop bags, and other not so fun things in this category loll.

5. make a compost bin

ok so basically making your own compost is actually super cool. i mean we actually get ours collected instead of making our own pile but basically anything that is compostable, compost it!!

6. support sustainable brands

another key of keeping the earth happy and healthy is to buy from sustainable brands! there are plenty good ones that think of the environment and not taking away stuff from the earth.

7. don’t litter!!

omg if you are littering you suck… ok so basically when you litter no matter what or where, it eventually blows into a vent that goes to the ocean or to the beach directly which is awful! seriously it’s not that hard to find a freaking trash or recycling bin.

8. know + sort your recycling

so many things are recyclable that you don’t even know! look at everything to see if it has the recycling sign on it. also when you put things in the recycling that aren’t recycling then the things that are recyclable miss out on getting recycled if that makes sense.

9. avoid plastic as much as possible

not! using! plastic! fam! this is just a common theme of this post and that it just to avoid plastic! don’t use plastic bags for lunches, bags, straws, and literally everything you can think of. especially unnecessary things like random freebies.

10. use reusable containers for food

this one is one i was absolutely terrible at only less than a year ago. but please stop using plastic bags!! animals eat them and it kills them which is terrible. buy a set of tupperware containers which are actually better cause they keep your food from getting crushed in your backpack so they’re overall the best.

i hope you enjoyed this post and get out there and save our planet!!

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