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hey guys! so last weekend i had my first club volleyball tournament of the season! we had a pretty great trip to there because we had to take a detour through stevens pass, leavenworth and blewetts pass because the pass we wanted to go through was closed. we hung out and walked around leavenworth for a bit and it was super fun! then we got to the tournament and i had such an amazing time with my team and we played pretty good over the weekend.

we left my house around 11 am and we were off to ellensburg! so basically the pass we wanted to use that is way more direct was closed because of a huge crash because of ice. so instead we went through seattle and on stevens pass. we also stopped for taco time because i love my tacos lol! also i always listen to music in the car of course so i played my rap playlist which you can find off my spotify @carlyallison. i don’t know if you guys know this about me, but i’m basically obsessed with snow! i get so excited about it so i loved going over the pass and it was sooo pretty!

between the passes was leavenworth! i haven’t been there since i was a kid and it’s supposed to be so pretty around the holidays and that’s so true! my mom and i went to this coffee shop there called “the 95” and i got a gingerbread latte with soy milk and it was so yummy. they also did this really pretty latte art which i’ve never actually gotten before and it was so pretty! i loved walking around leavenworth and talking tons of pictures.

then between leavenworth and blewetts pass, we stopped at this little farmers market type shop and there was this adorable cat. he/she was so cute and we’re basically best friends now! then we went through blewetts pass which was really icey and like nobody was there but hey, we made it!

after we made it to ellensburg we went out to a restaurant called “the palace!” i got this really yummy veggie burger with fries and a strawberry lemonade mock-tail. it was really good so if you’re ever in leavenworth i recommend the palace for dinner! after we got back i was soo tired from a long day of driving so i pretty much knocked out after watching some tv with my parents.

the next morning it was time for the first day of the tournament! i started off my morning by having breakfast at the hotel and then we went over to starbucks and i got a pink drink. then i came outside to this beautiful sunrise!! like this was seriously stunning wtfff.

the first day of the tournament started at around 8:30 and we were working. i did libero tracking for the first game. afterwards we played and this was our first time playing together and it was great!! then we were working again and my friend and i did book. then we played our next game and it was super close and tight but we ended up losing. afterwards we had another game but i honestly don’t remember whether we won or not…

that night my team decided to go out for a team dinner! i came home after our last game and took a shower and got ready. if you’re wondering, this shirt is from garage and the bralette is from hollister and so are the jeans! we went to another restaurant in ellensburg and it was really good! i ordered a simple spaghetti with marinara because i just really love it and it was super good. it was really nice to go out with my team and continue to get to know them better!

the next day was the last day of our tournament since this one was only 2 days! today we worked the first game, then played in the second one. we then ate lunch and watched our other 16s team play. then played 2 games! overall this was a super great tournament and i can’t wait for more.

after we played our last game we left right away to get on the pass before the snow hit! we stopped for food and went right for the pass, which wasn’t closed this time… we had a very pretty ride home for the first 15 minutes before the sun had set and it was all dark lol! but i had an amazing and super fun trip and tournament.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found it interesting to see inside a club volleyball tournament!

<33 carlyy🦋🥂☕️

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  1. I loved this! I’ve always been curious what life is like for an athlete as I am not ~athletic~ ahaha.

    1. awwwh thank you so much!!

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