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welcome to my shower. for today’s post i have another beauty post. i thought i would do a basic one of all the products i use in the shower when i want to go all out. i don’t use too many products in my opinion, just the pamper essentials. these are also all cruelty free cause if you haven’t noticed i buy only cruelty free products.


as for hair care, since this post is going to be more of a pampered and extra shower, i’m starting off with the hair mask i put on before my shower. my favorite hair mask is the sheamoisture deep treatment masque. this mask is perfect for pretty much any hair type and it makes it super soft and healthy looking without it coming out oily. i get my hair a little wet and then i put this mask all over it and put it up about twenty minutes before i shower and then i wash it out in the shower. after washing out the mask i use the maui moisture vanilla bean shampoo and conditioner. these smell absolutely incredible and are meant for unruly hair which is my hair in a nutshell. i just wash my hair like normal, concentrating shampoo on the scalp and conditioner on the bottom. then i bush my hair with a wide tooth comb with the conditioner still in to get through any tangles.


next up is body care. first off i obviously just wash everything, i use the dr. bronners peppermint soap cause it’s super refreshing and smells really good. if i’m feeling extra i will also use a exfoliating scrub before i shave. to make it i mix equal parts sugar and olive oil and boom, easy at home scrub. i also use this soap to shave, i know literally everyone else uses shaving cream but i prefer this soap for my legs and stuff and then i use baby conditioner for more sensitive areas.


if i’m doing the ultimate shower i will put on a facemask before i shower. my favorite for this is the aztec secret indian healing clay one cause it’s hard to wash off not in the shower. i mix it with apple cider vinegar until i get a good consistency. then i just put this one about 20 minutes before i shower and it tingles a bit and it feels crazy. when you get out of the shower your face will likely be a little red but it goes away and you skin is incredibly soft and clear. as for cleanser, i use the neutrogena naturals cleanser. neutrogena isn’t cruelty free but their naturals line is and this is a super mild cleanser perfect for acne prone and normal skin.

i hope you enjoyed these posts and try out these products cause i love them! have a great sunday loves!!

xoxo carlyyy

Carly Allison

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  1. Cherish says:

    I love Dr. Bronners, I started using the lavender one recently and I love it so much! I’ll definitely try the peppermint next since mine’s almost gone

    1. yess its so so good

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