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this last weekend i went to spokane with my mom and my grandparents for my volleyball tournament! i love traveling for tournaments because i get to see so many different new places. we did a lot of really cool things while we were there and it was so much fun. also just btw we had pm wave for volleyball the whole trip so we often played from 3pm-10pm so we did all this fun stuff in the mornings! here’s a travel diary to document it.

i originally wasn’t going to go to school thursday and leave in the morning but i have too many missed days so we weren’t able to leave until afterwards. but when my mom came to pick me up we got right on the road to my grandparents. when we got to their house we switched to their car. before we left we went to the starbucks and got some coffee for the road! we drove from seattle to spokane in total and it took around 6 hours ish.

then we finally made it to spokane!! once we unpacked in our hotel room we were all hungry for dinner. my grandpa found this restaurant on maps called the flying goat in spokane so we went there! i seriously recommend this pizza place so much, the waiters are so nice and the pizza is amazing, especially the crust. i got the “alice” pizza and i got it with no cheese obviously and a bunch of different veggies!

the next morning we had a team painting thing booked at a place called sip n paint and no we weren’t drinking lol we had a family event booked. but on our way there me being me and my family being my family we had to stop for starbucks hehe! but yeah i’m not much of a painter but it was fun to do lol. after painting we went to the gonzaga university campus and walked around a bit. we also went to the zags store and i bought a gonzaga zip up you’ll see soon…

after painting, we went to a panera bread and i got a salad! my fave salad from there is the chili lime one but without the cheese or chicken. then we went back to our hotel and i got in my jersey and volleyball gear. we won 1 game this day and lost 2 because it was the first day so we were playing teams lots better than us… we didn’t finish reffing and playing until 10 pm this night but spokane is really pretty at night so we had a nice walk back to the hotel to get the car and drive to safeway for… cereal dinner😎

the next morning we decided to visit couer d’alene idaho and lake couer d’alene! it’s actually such a cute little town. we went to this boutique called marmalade and the thrift store below and i spent too much but everything there was so cute!! we also walked around the dock and lake couer d’alene which is such a stunning lake especially with all the mountains in the background. i seriously recommend visiting this cute little town and lake and i’ll be back for sure!

when i was googling places to go for brunch in couer d’alene, i found this place called “the wellness bar” and oh my god it was delicious!!! this is genuinely one of the most aesthetic places i’ve ever been and the most aesthetic food i’ve ever eaten!!! i mean just look at these photos, it’s gorgeous. i wish there was a wellness bar in seattle because they are gorgeous and delicious. i got the everything avocado toast and a smoothie and my family got waffles and an acai bowl!

then we started playing around 2 ish and we won 2 games and lost 1 this day and we actually played so bomb and i’m proud and yeah. that’s all for that. then my grandparents went to a mexican restaurant and brought home food for my mom and i ate… cereal… again…. why carly??

the next morning we were still playing pm wave so we went to franks diner for brunch and i got avocado toast yet again. it looks like a railroad car inside which is super cute and all the waitresses and waiters are so freaking nice so i definitely recommend for brunch. then we went to this boujee hotel alley the davenport and walked around all the beautiful rooms and apparently like the president has been there and all this cool af stuff!

before heading home we needed to grab lunch so we found this cafe called “allies vegan cafe and pizza and YUMM!! again, i wish i lived near one of these cause i’m genuinely so obsessed. i also got vegan garlic bread which was one of the best things i’ve ever put in my mouth and i genuinely forgot how good garlic bread was so now i’m obsessed again which is probably not a good thing lol…

after lunch we started our long drive home! i think we might have stopped at starbucks like twice because it felt like an extremely long drive. but i’m not mad about it cause i kinda just chilled and watched netflix. the sunsets in the mountains were stunning though so it was a really pretty drive home.

i hope you enjoyed this travel diary and make sure to check out these places if you go to spokane/coeur d’alene!

<33 carlyy

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

  2. ahh that avocado toast looks amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will bewaiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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