things to do this fall

hi welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m going to be putting together some things you can do this fall even if you’re in some sort of quarantine situation.

  1. go for a walk at the beach – i love the beach in the fall, i feel like it’s even prettier than in the summer. i love going a little after sunrise or at sunrise and fall sunrises are the absolute best so i highly recommend that.
  2. go to a trail or park with trees – obviously the trees are so pretty this time of year and also nature is just beautiful and it’s so crazy that we live on this planet. also something that is so underrated is doing your schoolwork outside on a blanket. i’ve been loving doing school outside when it’s not raining lately and i feel like i get my stuff done so much faster.
  3. bake or make something cozy – i’ve been loving baking lately, it’s such a cozy activity and you can make so many different things. a week or two ago i made muffins (recipe in my last post) and tomorrow i’m going to make some cupcakes for my sister and i’ve just been really enjoying it.
  4. do something creative – basically i’ve been spending too much money at the craft store. so far i have bought wire and crystals to make rings, watercolor painting stuff and yarn. i feel like fall is such a great season to make something and get creative in whatever way speaks to you. you can also make stuff and send them to your friends if you want.
  5. go flower or apple picking – a bunch of places have flowers or apples you can pick for yourself. i don’t know about now but a month ago there were a bunch with you pick fruits too. i picked some flowers last month and loved it so if you have a place near you for any of these, it’s really nice to do and you get either flowers or fruit out of it a
  6. book or watch a show – some of my current faves are the book the wisdom of insecurity by alan watts, megan miranda’s books and i’m going to rewatch pretty little liars super soon since that’s my favorite fall show! netflix and reading are just really cozy and remind me of fall.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some ideas. moral of the post is just enjoy nature and simple activities you love this fall xoxo


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  1. I love these ideas! Apple picking is the perfect fall activity.

    1. yay and totally agree! i wish i got the chance to go this year<3

  2. Lovely fall ideas✨

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