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hii welcome back to my blog, i took a bit of time to reflect on everything going on in the world and the world and didn’t feel right posting “normal” content so today’s post is a few weeks old. but just because people are posting less about it, it doesn’t mean that the black lives matter movement should get any less attention! go check out this website for tons of petitions, numbers to text and so much more to help: ! but for today’s post i’m going to be sharing some of my favorite things at the moment.

the ordinary aha + bha peeling solution- my first favorite is this treatment from the ordinary. this is super great for clearing up acne and scarring and overall improving your skin. i use this once a week for 10 minutes and then wash it off. i truly truly believe this has made the biggest difference in my skin!

castor oil- i’ve been trying to grow out my lashes the last few months and i decided to try out castor oil. i’ve been applying this on my lashes every night for a few months now and it has made the biggest difference for my lashes. i’m hoping that if i keep using this more and more i can grow them even longer since it’s working amazing so far!

clinique stay-matte oil-free makeup- i’ve been wearing makeup a lot more often lately and it’s been this and mascara as the staples. i apply this with a sponge kinda like a bb cream and it lasts all day long. and usually when i wear makeup my skin gets clogged quickly but i haven’t had any issues with this product.

target pack of gold hoops- i got these earrings at target a few weeks ago and i’ve been wearing these every single day! i love these so much because they have come in three sizes and i love the texture pattern on the earrings too. these are from the universal threads brand at target and they’ve been pretty durable too.

trader joe’s multivitamin– i ran out of my old vitamins so i needed to get new ones so i found these at trader joe’s! i got the women’s multi once a day by trader joe’s brand. first off these are super affordable because sometimes vitamins can be soo expensive. this multivitamin has a ton of vitamins that are all the ones i need! it also has a ton of extra supplements too that i love and even a probiotic component.

yerba mate tea- my other current health obsession is yerba mate. i tried out the guayaki drinks which are super good and i loved the energized feeling they gave me. those have been really hard to find though because they’re so popular right now so i decided to get the teabag ones so i can make it at home. i got the eco tea ones and they are super good!

my next absolute obsession is reading on my ipad! my library has the coolest system where i can borrow books from them digitally and read them on my ipad. these are some of my faves…

where the crawdads sings by delia owens- i read this book last month and it was amazing! i could not put this book down and read it all before i could go to bed that night. the beginning was a little slow but stick with it because it gets so so good. literally love this book so much!

before we were strangers by renée carlino- this is the best ‘love story’ i’ve ever read, like it’s amazing. the way this is written is so good and i overall cannot recommend either of these two books enough because they really are amazing!

okay sis podcast- my first favorite podcast is okay sis by scout and mady! i recently started listening to this one and i love it. they have on such great guests and i love so many of their topics too.

mood by lauren elizabeth– my other favorite podcast right now is mood. i love how some episodes are super real and honest and others are super inspiring!

i hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found some new things to love!

xoxo carly

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  1. heard so many good things about the ordinary peeling solution, i’ve got to give it a go! great post x

    1. its soo good! thank you<3

    2. love it sm! let me know what u think<3

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