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in today’s post i’m sharing some things you can do to make the best out of being stuck at home! i feel like pretty much everyone is home at this point and it’s a really stressful time that’s hard to find motivation in. these are some things i’ve been doing to not only try and make myself relax but also stay productive rather than watching netflix all day like i did at the start.

working out- this is super obvious but, take all the time you have to workout! i’ve been using workout bands and workout videos to make it almost just as good as the gym. my favorite workout right now is the chloe ting ab workout on youtube. also even though you’re just at home, wearing cute workout clothes you like will definitely motivate you.

schoolwork- this one is obviously not the most fun or something you want to do, but it’s such a perfect opportunity to catch up on school. for me, my high school is shut down but we still have assignments and for online school it’s stayed the same. i’ve been doing part time online all of high school so far and here’s a few things i’ve learned:

  • create a work space at home that’s clean and somewhere you can focus
  • take notes cause often times you can use them on quizzes or assignments
  • listen to music if that works for you !
  • find your most productive time to work

learn something new- this is also the perfect time to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. you can’t use the excuse of not having enough time anymore! i found my old skateboard from sixth grade and decided to re-learn how to skate. it’s going pretty good so far and pretty fun. you could also try out one of those cute tiktok diys.

major room declutter/makeover- this is another obvious one but i really recommend it! clean out your closet, drawers, etc. also if there’s anything you want to change up in your room, now is the perfect time! i have cleaned out my closet, reorganized my desk, rearranged my posters and painted my nightstand so far (room tour soon).

a skincare routine- this ones pretty simple but since you’re gonna be at home all day, do your skincare routine morning and night. and if you don’t have a routine yet, make one! you can also do your nails, tan, etc and have a big glow up.

making healthy meals- you now have the time to cook whatever you want so why not try out some new recipes you’ve been putting off. it’s also a great time to start eating healthier. some of my favorites are veggies and tofu, different smoothies and bowls, chili’s and drinks!

taking pics at home + outside- i’ve been doing this a bunch because i think you can come up with so many cool photos just in your room or walking around your neighborhood because at least in washington you are still allowed to go for walks! but even just in your room too, i’ve taken a bunch of photos in mine these past few weeks.

listening to podcasts- listening to podcasts is something you can do while cleaning, taking notes, cooking and pretty much anything. i think it’s really productive too because you’re learning from them at the same time. some of my favorites are thick n thin, gals on the go, i love you so much and i’m into it!

read + do puzzles- i’ve always loved doing puzzles and being stuck at home gives the perfect excuse to do a bunch of them! also i feel like everyone always says how they don’t have time to read but now that we’re all pretty much stuck at home, there’s not many excuses. my library is obviously closed but they have an app where i can download any books i want.

i hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas! also follow me on instagram if you don’t already, it’s @carlyallisonxo

xoxo carly

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