winter morning routine ft. ellie!!

Good morning!! (or night lol) I love reading morning routines so much so I thought it was time to make one!! Today’s post is a collab with Ellie who is an amazing blogger I’ve been talking to for a while 🙂 Since she lives on the opposite side of the world as me, and it’s summer for her and winter for me, we thought it’d be cool to do morning routines for our different seasons!!

Obviously to start my morning I have to wakeup… Unless I’m waking up for school, I don’t mind waking up, but if it’s a weekday I’m seriously mad about it!! I try to remind myself that today is a fresh start and think of fun things I’m doing though.

To help get myself out of bed and instead of just going to Instagram or Snapchat right away, I watch some youtube/netflix or listen to music!! I find that I’ll begin to watch and then move over to getting my day started after watching other poeple do it?? Here I’m watching Mia Stammer’s vlogs which I absolutely love, (current favorites with some other youtubers coming soon!!)

Then I go over to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I use the Clinique Acne Solutions Facewash and Toner, then follow with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. This routine has cleared up my skin so friking much!!

Next it’s time for makeup!! Doing my makeup is honestly one of my favorite parts of the morning, I love putting on some Netflix/YouTube and doing it. I’ll usually do my everyday makeup routine but I often change up the eyeshadow look and do something from my favorite eyeshadow looks post 🙂

It’s kinda weird but before finishing getting ready, I go downstairs and make breakfast!! It’s about the time the rest of my family eats so I like to eat with them. I will usually have a fruit bowl, bagel or toast.

Then I go back up to change and do my hair. I honestly don’t usually curl or straighten it on school days but sometimes!! I often do french braids the night before cause I find it gives my hair really nice curls instead of my natural crazy waves. When my hairs messy though, I’ll just put it in a ponytail or braids.

Lastly I will just change and go off to school!! A basic outfit for me is leggings, tee shirt and a jean jacket.

I hope you enjoyed and go check out Ellie’s blog + post!!

<3 carly