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As I mentioned in my last post, I’m now on summer break!! My first 3 days of summer (6/22, 6/23, 6/24 or Friday, Saturday, Sunday) were going to be really fun so I wanted to take extra photos and do a weekend in my life. This includes blogging, friends and family, hair chops, the beach & lake, shopping, the gym, açaí bowls and other amazing foods + moree! I also love these because they can give you ideas of things to do in the summer, especially when you’re bored.

Starting off on Friday, my first day of summer, I took my morning routine photos! Since it was my first day of summer I wanted to take the photos then. My morning routine went up a few days ago if you wanted to see that too!! The just of it was wake up, eat, shower, bible time, hair and makeup.

Then we drove over to my friends house and my mom dropped me off. We stayed there for just a bit before heading off to get açaí bowls. We went to an açaí bowl place that was in this little garage type place and it was soo cute!!It was soooo good though too, the best açaí bowl I’ve ever had omgg!! Of course I took 1,000 pictures of them until I had annoyed everyone there 😉

After finishing our açaí bowls, we went over to downtown by Lake Washington and walked around a bit. Looked at the really expensive boutiques we could never afford and it was fun!! There were really cute shops and little alleyways that we walked through before going to Lake Washington.

We got more food since that’s kinda all we even do, at Aloha Lemonade! Basically it’s this aesthetic fancy lemonade place from Hawaii and it’s really good. We continued our “system” of buy cute food, take pictures of it, enjoy how amazing it is 🙂 After taking a quick stop at the farmers market (I got a vegan chocolate chip cookie yumm) we just walked around the lake like bridge thing and caught up!

After I got home, I kinda just relaxed with my family before we had a little campfire thing in our fire pit in our yard. I made like an ice cream sandwich with graham crackers and vegan Ben & Jerry’s and it was sooo good!! It kinda started raining though so we had to end our fire early loll but that was about it for the night.

The next day (Saturday) I started off the morning by going to a Pilates class with my mom!! It was my first time and I loved it. I’m actually going again when I finish typing this post… Afterwards I went home, took a shower and got ready for the dayy 🙂

I had a haircut appointment today, it was my first at Aveeda which I loved!! All their products are cruelty-free and I’m pretty sure vegan too. They did an amazing job and the stylist I got was amazing so if you have one near you, I recommend. I got around 3/4 inches off and layers in the front. I love the layers because they kinda stick out of ponytails to frame your face so I don’t look like a five year old boy!!

Then I went to the mall with another friend, I was definitely planning on doing lots of shopping because earlier this morning I had donated like 20 pieces and I only had a few tees left!! I ended up buying 5 shirts and a pair of shorts at Garage and Hollister because they both had really great deals. My next post should be a collective summer haul so you’ll see them all there 😉

We were there for probably like 3/4 hours because we’re both (especially me) the most indecisive shoppers lol. Don’t go shopping with me when I plan to get lots if you’re easily annoyed! After spending like all my money, I went home and relaxed for a bit.

Then my family went outside so I brought out my volleyball and practiced a bit by myself hitting it against a wall and then with my sister. I’ve been teaching her a bit of volleyball too and she’s been getting so much better so we’ve been playing almost everyday!! I’ve been on a small like 3 week volleyball break and I’ve been missing it so much, but I start summer training in a little over a week so you bet I’m very excited.

The next day was Sunday so me and my mom went to church! Here are the notes I took this day, if you want to see more, I post my favorite devotional studies from the week on my instagram story almost every Sunday. I also share how I take them in this post 🙂

When we got back I wrote the morning routine I’ve been talking about this whole post and posted that!! Whenever I do anything, I splitscreen Netflix or Youtube, today I was watching Reese Regan.

After church and writing my post, my family drove to Seattle to visit Alki Beach!! We went to this amazing Mexican restaurant called “El Chupacabra” which had vegan cheeses and meats along with the regular ones!! I got the veggie tacos with vegan cheese and they were sooo good!! The best Mexican food I’ve ever had omgg!!

Then went down to the beach area for a bit and me and my sister tried to go in the water but there was lots of seaweed and I have this idea that it’s going to like trap my foot or something lmaoo. It was really fun though! I also played badminton with my dad but then the beach got too busy and we didn’t want to hit anyone so we all went for a walk on the promenade.

On the way back we stopped for frozen yogurt, I got a mix of all the fruity sorbet flavors with those bursting boba beads and yum!! It was a really fun day with my family and overall a really fun weekend to kick off summer break.

When we got back I picked raspberries with my dad cause the bushes in our backyard had so many berries on them!! We always freeze a bunch cause there’s so many to make smoothies with cause if you know me, I love my smoothies.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great summer!! I love you guys so much, thanks for reading my posts, it means the world!!

Love, Carly Allison

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