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Heyy happy summer!! Since I am now on summer break I wanted to share my morning routine since summer mornings are honestly the best. I took these photos on my first day of summer break last Friday before going out with my friends (weekend in my life coming soon cause I actually did stuff for a few days in a row). I think that summer morning routines are such a classic but great post since they always get me excited about summer, I love them!!

To start off a summer morning you obviously have to wakeup… I try to only give myself a few minutes on my phone in the morning, just to respond to texts and snaps! Then I go straight over to Spotify and play my summer playlist, I’m obsessed with it! Then I (try) to get right out of bed and either go to my computer to work on a post and read blogs or I go for food. This morning I went straight downstairs to make some breakfast.

I forgot to take a photo of my breakfast but I posted it on my instagram story so here’s a photo of that! I made a cup coffee using the breakfast blend k-cup and soymilk, I don’t have coffee every morning but I do enjoy a cup pretty often in the summer. For my breakfast, I made the peanut butter banana toast from my what i eat in a day at school (vegan) post! This and almond milk yogurt with muesli have been my two favorite breakfasts lately.

After breakfast I head back to my room and lately I’ve been doing my little devotional studies in the mornings and I love it! I’m not going to get into what I do in this post but if you’re interested, check out my post on how i connect with my faith! I just do this while drinking my coffee and it’s so nice and relaxing 🙂

Then depending on if I took a shower the night before or not, I’ll take a shower if not. Today I actually took a bath because I had more time and I just used a bubble bath, read a book and watched Netflix! I will also wash my face and brush my teeth, all that basic stuff.

For my makeup, since I was going out with my friend I did a little more than usual that was kinda similar to my ten minute makeup look just a different palette and highlighter. I just continued to play my playlist while I got ready and it was just a fun time!!

After makeup I did my hair, I already had second or third day curls since I don’t always wash it when I shower so I just added to them! I use the Bedhead Curlipops (best name ever) curling wand and glove if you were wondering and it’s amazing. Honestly the glove is a lifesaver since I’d probably have burned myself to death without it… I also put my hair in a ponytail to add the curls because it’s easier that way and I’m kinda lazy!!

Finally I just changed into my outfit for this day! I wore a off-the-shoulder top from Target, jeans from Hollister and pink Vans. It wasn’t the warmest today which was… disappointing so I wore jeans.

Today we went for açai bowls, went to the lake and walked around a little town!! But again you’ll see more in the weekend in my life coming soon…

I hope you enjoyed and go make today great!!

Love, Carly Allison

Carly Allison

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  1. Hi Carly Allison! I adored this post! I love the look of your blog and will definitely be checking out more content. I hope you wouldn’t mind checking my stuff over at! <3

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