summer carnival day in my life

hey guys! a few days ago i went to my friends birthday party and then the carnival with some of my faves. we had such a great time and it was such a great summery day! we went to the carnival called tour de terrace which is a chill carnival outside seattle that happens every july.

this was the only photo i got at the party but we all basically just hung out with her friends and had a good time! we hung out in her backyard and started off having snacks and playing apples to apples. then we played never have i ever which was super fun and listened to music. checkout my spotify @carlyallison for my party playlist cause it’s highkey great!

then after the party was over, some people went home but i stayed and we went to the carnival. when we first got there we wanted to wait until dark for rides and so we got shaved ice and hung out in the food area. we met up with some friends there and got a bite to eat. then we thought we would in the funhouse as well for old times sake. honestly we enjoyed those mirrors a little too much, especially the funky ones!

then when it got dark, we started going on rides! we went on the drop tower, the swings, the spinny things and the hanggliders. the rides lines took so much longer than i could’ve ever seen coming so this took hours to do those rides but it was super fun just hanging out and cathcing up in the lines. i got some coffee cause i knew it was going to be an all nighter. i oringinally was going to go home that night but i ended up deciding to sleepover at my friends.

then when the carnival closed we drove a few people home and then we went back to her house. we snacked and then pulled a great all-nighter watching horror movies all morning long. we watched the bye bye man, truth or dare, one about a kids dreams (actually scary lol) and then just a bunch of episodes of friends. i ended up falling asleep aroud 7am and slept until i went home the next morning.

i hope you enjoyed this quick lil day in my life post!

xoxo carly

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  1. This was such a cute post! Love the pictures too,

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