snow days w/ me!!

heyy so last sunday it started snowing like crazy and that led to not a single full day of school this week or last week hahah!! but so i thought i do a post on all of that because it was definitely interesting… alsoo literally as i’m typing this a snowstorm is supposed to hit in a few hours so basically america is going snow crazy! but yes i hope you enjoy this post <3

so this all kinda started at my volleyball tournament… basically we were reffing, we looked outside and it was snowing like crazyyy!! we all got sooo excited because it was the first snow of the year and it was a sunday so we would have a snow day the next day! but yes so after we were done for the day with volleyball, we drove home as it was still snowing 🙂

then when we got home we did a fun little photoshoot in the snow since it was still snowing loads! we took some photos by the trees and then i just took lots of photos of the winter wonderland that was happening in my backyard. alsooo this was max’s very first snow and he loved it!! it was so freaking cute and ahhh by the time there was more snow he could barely walk in the snow so her just jumped through it instead.

then i actually spent the rest of the day cleaning my sisters room! idk why but when i get bored i clean so i worked with her and we organized and cleaned her room. we filled around 5 trash bags and 5 recycling bags and it took around 5/6 hours! but when we were done it looked so nice and organized, it was all worth it. i also gave her my old tapestry that’s in the background of these photos because she loves the color blue.

then, the next morning it had snowed even more! so due to all that, school was canceled. we actually decided around 9 am that we were going to my fave coffee shop to get coffee! it was a pretty rough walk since it was freezing… we also stopped at a grocery store to grab some more food for us. i got a dark chocolate mocha and it was so yummy!! but yes we had a great time and i love coffee and especially this coffee shop. i’m also applying for a job here so i’m putting this in the universe, i hope i get it hehe!

after we ate lunch, my sister and i took out max to hang out in the snow!! we took him for a walk/snow adventure. then we went to the hill near our house and went sledding . we sledded down the hill a bunch of times and since it was all frozen and icy we went really fast! we had lots of fun and i’m actually obsessed with sledding idk it’s just so fun to go zooming down a hill really fast.

then my dad and i decided to venture out in the snow to costco! i cant explain why the heck i got an açaí bowl in the snow but it was really goood!! after i got home i just hung out with my dog and family for a while. then i went upstairs to take a shower and got ready for bed. then i watched new girl for a while because new girl is amazinggg!! 10/10 recommend!! also check out this pretty sunset because winter sunsets are literally the best omg.

this morning my friend abby came out and we went in the snow for a while!! we went sledding and it was really fun since we tried and succeeded to fit both of us into this tiny sled hehe. we also took out max which was pretty funny too. we had a fun snowball fight which was pretty great too! we a great time though and honestly snow is so beautiful and i freaking love it!! yeah my opinion on weather is either snow or summer no in between hahah. we had lots of photoshoots with my camera, in the snow and with max cause he’s adorable.

after being in the snow for a long while, we hung out inside for a while to warm up because it was like -10 degrees celsius! we had hot chocolate and ate snack. then inside we just hung out and did basic stuff lol while listening to music. but a while later, we walked her home. max and i walked her home which he loved! max was literally obsessed with abby and he was so sad to see her go haha. but yes we just walked back to my house and had more hot chocolate because yum.

the next we had a 2 hour late start so school started around 9:30! here’s my outfit that i choice along with my white jacket which is super warm. i basically just slept in and watched netflix until i had to actually get ready to leave. i walked to school since the roads were too bad to drive! the next day was actually 2 hours late too and then the next day was a half day since a snowstorm was predicted to hit! yeah basically the usa is a snow fest and it’s crazy lol…

now on to saturday after the snowstorm friday since i didn’t really do much other than watch netflix and watch the snow pile up! when i woke up saturday we had over a foot of snow. it was actually pretty crazy but pretty fun too!

then i made this yummy smoothie bowl! here’s how to make it:


+ two açaí packets

+ frozen raspberries/strawberries

+ one banana

+ a splash of almond milk

top with:

+ sliced strawberries

+ blueberries/raspberries/blackberries

+ granola

+ hemp seeds & chia seeds

then we kinda just hung out in the snow for a while! we went sledding and played with my dog lol. it was a really fun day just hanging out with my family and doing snow stuff. we basically did fun snow stuff outside while freezing our asses off! we have this perfect sledding hill by our house which is awesome.

that night i just relaxed and took a bath. i used some good old dr. teals in the bath and that stuff is the best! but yes i just watched youtube while taking a bath and doing a facemask. after i got out of the bath i went outside to watch the sunset cause it was super pretty this night.

sunday morning, we went grocery shopping and to the bookstore. i went to barnes and noble to buy a new bullet journal but i actually ended up buying it on online instead cause they didn’t have it. then we went to target and i bought some products including makeup remover, shaving cream, body wash, etc. i also got some brownie mix, coconut chips, birthday cake halo top and some microwave vegan dinners. then here comes the exciting part, i went to buy… airpods!! not trying to show off or be annoying but i got airpods and i’m obsessed.

after we got back, my friend sasha came over and we first tried to use the brownie mix i had just bought but the flax “egg” wasn’t working so we failed. so then we walked to the grocery store to buy more to try again and that’s when a snowstorm hit! it was actually pretty bad since it was really hard to walk but guess what we made it. then we tried again and here’s where it gets sad, it didn’t work again. that night we kinda just chilled and watched netflix and such.

then, the next day i made pancakes using this recipe and it was delicious! after making pancakes we walked to the grocery store again and did some grocery shopping for my family and then went to my favorite coffee shop and got coffee! but hey at least this time a snowstorm didn’t decide to attack us. there was even more snow this morning because it actually snowed all night. that’s where the fun kinda stops because then the storm went crazy and started taking out trees and power lines!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing day angels!!

<33 carly🌞👼🏻🌻

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  1. Hi Carly! I just stumbled across your blog and am absolutely obsessed! I love your writing style, design aesthetic and the fact you incorporate so many pictures into your posts. The snow looks so beautiful- I wish it snowed more often where I live 🙁 I have just published a new post talking about my new YouTube channel. If you had any spare time, I would really appreciate it if you could give it a read and post some feedback! If not, no problem 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your blog, and hopefully speak to you again soon!

    1. awwh thanks!

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