setting up my 2020 bullet journal

in today’s post i wanted to share how i set up my bullet journal for the new year that’s coming up! i absolutely love to bullet journal ever since starting almost a year ago. it’s my preference for organizing basically my whole life and i wanted to start fresh for the new year. therefore i decided to do a post on it as well cause why not.

this is my bullet journal! it’s just a navy blue moleskine notebook that was around $28 at a office supply store. i have it mostly covered in stickers! my stickers are from amazon, traveling or redbubble and i put stickers on so much stuff. therefore my bujo was no exception! as for the first page of it, i made a 2020 page. this page is far from done but i started by writing 2020 in the middle and adding an aesthetic photo. i made a box where i wrote ‘this year is gonna be’ with the idea of just writing what i want to get out of and ways i want to grow this year. on the top i wrote goals to basically fill in my new years resolutions. i also might add another section, i just haven’t decided what yet.

for the next page, i split it in half. the first page has three main sections, a list of priorities, a bucket list and a more/less list. i thought it would be important to make a list of my priorities because i find that important just to know where i want my time to go. as for my bucket list, i just like to write things down here that i just think would be really fun and that i want to do. the for my less/more list, basically i fill in what i want more of in my life, such as positivity and healthy foods and then for less i filled in things like time on my phone and negativity. then for the other side i made it all about my blog and podcast ideas! i like to write down when i get ideas i like for my blog and podcast in terms of specific posts or episodes i want to create. i also added a box for some of my goals for my blog and podcast i hope to work at this year.

now for the main part of my bullet journal, the monthly spread! i know a lot of people do weekly ones but personally i find it easier to make mine for monthly. obviously just do what you think works best for you. i use this to fill in all the important stuff because this helps me feel much less overwhelmed. i add in a few photos i print from pinterest whenever i make spreads because they look super cute! to the right of the main calendar part, i made a habit tracker. i make two, one for bible study and one for not being on my phone too much. these are two things that are really important to me that i do everyday. i also put in a section to write down anything i need to do that month and then a section to write down some people i need to record with during that month.

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some inspiration!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. this was so interesting! i want to start journaling in 2020💘


    1. thank you! i really recommend it, enjoy:)

  2. Ahhhhh! Ur bujo is so so cute! I started bujo-ing this year and I’m super excited to go into 2020 with a little more experience! I definitely want to try printing some aesthetic pics of Pinterest, it really adds to the aesthetic! Enjoyed this post xx 💕

    1. awww thank you!!

  3. First things first: love your blog! Just found it and definitely going to keep reading it 🙂
    Second: This bullet journal is sooo cute! This really maked me want to start bullet journal again… Also, the pictures are really pretty! ❤️️

    1. aww thank you

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